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"Oh, Nightcruising Booster Rule"

Thumbnail of the map '"Oh, Nightcruising Booster Rule"'
Author kyozo_43
Tags 2 author:kyozo_43 mapdraft mapdraft2 round round2 unrated
Date Added 2012-03-17
Last Updated 2012-04-11
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DescriptionMapdraft Round 2 - 2nd Place "Oh, You Asshole" Tiles 20 'D' Tiles Neon Nightcruising Items 4 Laser Drones 8 Thwumps 14 Gold 10 One-Way Platforms Crowd Panic Booster 5 Mines 100 'E' Tiles 20 'One' Tiles Chimneysweeper by MyCheezKilledYours Rule You must place an area where the player needs ...