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Baker's Not Booster Guard.

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Author kyozo_43
Tags 3 author:kyozo_43 mapdraft mapdraft3 round round3 unrated
Date Added 2012-03-30
Last Updated 2012-03-30
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DescriptionMapdraft Round 3 Mapdraft - Round 3 [] Baker's Dozen by gloomp Tiles A total of 13 'E', '4', and/or '8' tiles Just not enough people. by erik_player Items 4 Ninjas. 25 gold. 1 chaingun drone. 1 locked door. Vitamin Supplement Booster 1 Gold 1 Mine 1 Rocket Launcher 1 One-Way ...

hope you like rockets

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Author notkitt
Tags 3 action author:notkitt mapdraft playable round unrated
Date Added 2009-05-09
Last Updated 2009-05-09

Descriptionmapdraft Items 4 Rockets X Mines, where X is the total number of 'Eight,' 'One,' and 'Four' tiles you must place in your map. 1 Bounce Block Rule You can't place anything above the x-axis of your map, except for your Ninja, ...