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I feel I should leave this up, even though I'm back. I did forget TDawgg: for getting me started. Oh well.

Farewell thanks to:
Be_nspired: he won't see this, but deserves inclusion
Phidi: ran neditor nation, and the coolest forum authority award
Greenblack: what a great Bowser's castle level that was...
ATOB: SUNSHINEscience, taking over for Arachnid, 'nuff said
Riobe: only mapper to have a whole section of my userlevels to himself
Technochocolate: good chats
Next_to_god: not a good map maker, but I knew him in person
SilentT: knew him as well, but for not as long, and not as well
Mintnut: is well cool
GTM: it's funny that I abhored you for so long, but now somewhat respect you (?)
UniverseZero: tiles
Etlierlf: better tiles
Dave (BT) and Matt (KB) @ therealn: comics
no thanks to Demonzlunchbreak: is a sandwitch

Forget anyone? probably

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