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I've been playing N+ ever since it came out for DS. I started tinkering with the map editor and made stuff I just loved, but I got frustrated with the map-sharing functionality. Looking online for remedies, I came across the original N-game and saw that it had the robust user community I was looking for, so here I am.

I am currently working on an episodic series of maps, nFiltration, and a series of Boss levels for which I have many ideas to explore, although I'm not sure how much that concept will appeal to the average N player. I make maps to please myself, but I certainly hope other serious players will find them enjoyable.

Games that properly support user content are among my favorite. I enjoy making custom levels ever since Loderunner for DOS, in fact I still have my original levels for that on a floppy somewhere. If any game worth playing has decent modding tools, I'm sure to mess with them.

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Desert in the nightlight N Su Doku Misundiscovery Blocky Curve 4 - Two face World the time has come to... tunnels