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WARNING: this profile is from 2009. I think.
CORRECTION: I beat N a little before New Year's Day 2013, just before the N 2.0 beta release.

I like mine-jumper, jumper and action maps. My ideal map would have a good tileset, flowy gameplay, action starts right away, several distinct sections that interact and complement each other (possibly several genres in one map), well thought out paths, optional gold for an extra challenge, non-linear, relatively minimalistic... I shall post a few links to such maps when I locate them in my faves... Which shouldn't be any time soon as I very seldom look through them.

<RandomDigits> I always like maps that have intentional shortcuts
<RandomDigits> I was gonna call them cheats but that's more degrading
<RandomDigits> The difference between the two I think is that cheats cheapen the map, make it stupideasy
<RandomDigits> While shortcuts are an additional challenge for the brave

I came to NUMA when I was stuck on a few "hard" levels to look for similar maps to practice on. So far it works...

That was the original reason... Now I find I like making and playtesting my maps more than playing the main game... Which still isn't that much these days :/

I've become faster (if less inspired) at mapping so, expect a new map every few days. More or less. At least one a week, or maybe a month... If I feel like it. I may not, we'll see... in the meantime, look through my archive, the ugly ones generally tend to have the best gameplay.

Sooo, I still haven't beaten N.


Oh! And! If you think I've forgotten something please remind me.

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I know I missed several, please link me to those I've missed I would like that very much. I might even give you some RCEs in unconditional gratitude.

Anyone is allowed to remix my maps or reuse sections of them without prior permission. I would of course greatly appreciate receiving credit in your description (my name plus link to the original, something like that…), as well as having a link of your map posted on the original. (I of course would be quite tempted to insult and snipe anyone who changes a single tile or object in one of my maps and then reposts it (I have an edit button, and rarely get public rates, so editing is no problem (BRACKETS!!!! (neat eh? (aright, I'll stop now (:p)))(heheheh)))) (Ardee was here)

<RandomDigits> There!
<RandomDigits> Now my profile doesn't suck
<el_devo> I like the new first paragraph
<RandomDigits> :D
<el_devo> I havent changed mine in forever
<RandomDigits> yeah mine needed a major overhaul
<RandomDigits> kinda minor actually
<RandomDigits> heh

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