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Age:14 years♂
I live in:Bangkok

Thank you very much for ded to me! (">_O)
I feel very happy every time I have see it ^^"

-Something she would kill a human being to achieve... []by AphexN []

-Guass Drone Survival []BySkate1168 []
My first map series"TIMING BOMB!" can play it here!

Timing bomb 1:Just speedrun... []
Timing bomb 2:Electric magnet! []
Timing bomb 3:Heavy attack countdown! []
Timing bomb 4:(straight)Lines and (unstable)dots!!! []
Timing bomb 5:Waiting for superweapon!!! []
Timing bomb 6:Special boss for new year 2010! []
Timing bomb 7:After new year! []
Timing bomb 8:Freeze shots! []
Timing bomb 9:The checkpoint!!! []
Timing bomb 10:Annihilate system! []
Timing bomb 11:Pin-N!!! []
Timing bomb 12:Scrolling... []
-The first campaign of this series..
Timing bomb 13:Destroy the warship:part1 - entering quietly []
Timing bomb 14:Destroy the warship:part2 - setup the bomb... []
Timing bomb 15:Destroy the warship:part3 - turn them off []
Timing bomb 16:Destroy the warship:part4 - Kneel!!! []
-And this serie is continuing..
Timing bomb 17:WTF SIMPLE CHALLENGE!? []
Timing bomb 18:Now...The Shogun ninja is back! []

My favorite types of the maps...

action:Most people like this too! []

DDA []

Prisoner []

NReality:Yes,most of my maps made from mods! []

Puzzles []

Race []

Some maps that need NReality,I will tag NReality.

Download NReality []
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Download Modmaster:NReality Mod Helper [] or See "List of NReality mod!" []
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Favorite authors & players


xaelar []

AMomentLikeThis []


rocket_thumped []

T3chno []

sidke []

origami_alligator []

The diffrernce time between Thailand & USA.

Thailand:(If)it's 12:00AM
Yes,I live at the opposite place of USA!


First map:Trap trouble []
First episode highscore:speedrun ep91-1
First 5 rate map:Horizontal-N []
First Epic level:Rocket's den []
Best action map(moddable map):Timing bomb 2:Electric magnet! []
Most rating(non-5):Simple challenge:NReality version! []
Best rating(most-5):Timing bomb 2:Electric magnet! []

Recent Maps

Thumbnail of the map 'Please take them away in the right place!' Thumbnail of the map 'Freeze drone(BETA)' Thumbnail of the map 'Timing bomb 18:Now..The shogun ninja is back!' Thumbnail of the map 'Deleting...(Tron legacy cover)' Thumbnail of the map 'Deleting...(Tron legacy cover)' Thumbnail of the map 'Freezefolds'
Please take them away in the right place! Freeze drone(BETA) Timing bomb 18:Now..The shogun ninja is back! Deleting...(Tron legacy cover) Deleting...(Tron legacy cover) Freezefolds