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I discovered N back in 2008 though I didn't start playing seriously until 2011. I'm just a casual map maker.

My very first map I made though it wasn't the first posted here on NUMA is called 'COMPLEX':

I Love mine Jumpers ! Here is my first mine jumper map I made:

I like a good flowing map that is not too hard because I wouldn't say I'm pro..yet :P, but I go alright I guess

I think N is such an addicting game (Which I discovered on addicting games lol, who knew)
and very frustrating at times.

I like playing N in my spare time when relaxing, I make maps when I'am bored or am inspired from another. My mapping skills are slowly getting better though I have still much to learn.

I honestly thought I was good at N when I first joined NUMA...until I saw a Demo of 'Romaniac's' on my first level 'COMPLEX'. I honestly thought he was the best N player after watching that Demo.

Now I realize the best of speedruns is OutRightOJ and best High-scorer being EddyMataGallos...

==||| If there were to be a new N game |||==
=| 2 players for more fun |=

- 2 players would make it two times better than the game already is in my opinion.

- Have a mode like racing to the finish with both Ninja's with there own life span but the same switch and door to exit..Who ever gets to the Exit first gets 10 seconds in preparation for the next level whilst the player that finishes second does not get that privilege.

- Another Mode could be that one Ninja player's goal is to eliminate the other Ninja before he retrieves the switch and exits. The Ninja that has to target the other Ninja, spawn's in the exact same spot as the first Ninja but only after 5 or more seconds after the first one has started the map. Also the ninja that has to target the other ninja has no life span but can die from anything the original ninja can die from. The enemy ninja can also steal gold which can prevent the original from retrieving more life.

- If both of these were also online around the world ( If it is possible ) this would work very well I believe.


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