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Technochocolate []
Technochocolate [] (original)

__________ M a p p i n g - S t a t u s __________

I've taken up a new hobby: composing orchestral pieces. At the moment, it's more relaxing to me than mapmaking. Music has always been my biggest interest, but I've never been able to compose anything I was proud of until now; plus, its more constructive. I won't forget about NUMA, but it's not the center of my attention right now.

That said, don't expect any of the below anytime soon, but enjoy my Bumblebee map []!

Map Preview: Dreams
The following names have tilesets ready and named for Dreams:
(1-0) - Intrusion []
(1-1) - Lift
(1-2) - Nightmare: Surreal
(1-3) - Forest at Midnight
(1-4) - Celestial Tree
The maps are becoming a little more thematic. They are either dreamlike (or like something just as distant from reality), or remind me of a dream I might have had.
note to self: put more emphasis on flexibility.

Map Preview: Wild Nights!
A tileset for another one of Ticheli's masterpieces. This song has so many elements in it (light and pleasant, heavy and powerful, cool and jazzy, lively and sporadic), it turns out a pretty wild tileset.
As for my current draft, I had AVATAR_FANATIC review it, and he let me realize how difficult and uncomfortable it was. I may have to start over, but I'll probably keep some objects where they were.

Map Preview:

Remember this guy? Yeah, that guy, from that well. Yeah, I'm makin' a map for him.

I've discovered a new concert band composer that I really like named Richard Saucedo, so I might be making a map named Snow Caps [] in the future. He has another one called Theme and Tirade, but that name is lame and boring. Those are only the songs we've seen in band class so far, I haven't even looked around on the internet yet for any more of his songs.


__________ S e r i e s - L i n k s __________

The Elements Series [] - complete.
One map for each symbol of the 4 elements mentioned in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I spent a full week on these, stopping only for sleep, summer school, a few other previous engagements (which I would print out screenshots of the maps and bring them, to work on them during those previous engagements), and a few avatar episodes for some inspiration.

Dreams [] - 5
They all have this new style of tileset that I'm trying out.

The Greek Letter [] series - 15/24 completed.
A series of maps based around a full-scale tileset of the letter.

h*r-related maps []
Maps related to the web cartoon Homestar Runner.
not really a series, but they're related.

Classical Series []
Artistic tileset maps inspired by my favorite classical pieces.

__________ O t h e r - L i n k s __________

Check out my tileset-playables []. That list in the link is incomplete, because of the limited number of tags I can have for each map. Most of my maps are tileset playables anyway.
Also, look for my races [], they're always complimented (but only Panic Cave [] if you're feeling bold)!
Also check out my chaingun maps [] (maybe not the maps of the Hide and Seek series though. they didn't get very good feedback).

Maps of Collaboration
The Sunset In My Backyard [] - Meatpuppet []
Sulfur Vents [] - AVATAR_FANATIC []

Maps with my tileset
Heat []

Known Maps of Dedication/Other
I wanna be sedated (3,4) []
1-4 Time for a Not simple challenge []
Rocket []
17pogitm []
There Ain't No Party Like My Nana's Tea Party []

crumpled paper (5,0) []
Wretched Wrenches []

__________ About me (on N) __________

My mapping style
Just very recently, I've taken to mapping with these qualities:
- A smooth, energetic flow: The player is often moving quickly and smoothly. The gameplay is less technical and more open.
(AGD paths are made with the same flow, but with a little extra challenge)
- Flexibility: The gameplay is opened to allow for slight differences in overcoming a challenge (much opposite of most races).
- Nonlinear Quality: More than one path is available for the player to choose.

Maps are almost always made with the tileset made first. This is because when I am away from home, I draw tilesets on N screen printouts with an L grid that I put in a notebook. I still make my tilesets so that it allows good gameplay.
After I make a satisfactory gameplay, I check it with a list of qualities on a Notepad document to make sure I didn't forget anything major. If I am still uncertain about the map, I may ask a friend to playtest it for me before I submit it.

I rate action maps purely on how much I enjoyed it. If I didn't like an aspect, I find out exactly why or I don't count it against the map.
If a map is terrible and I have no idea why, I can't understand the map, or it contains an element that I personally dislike (to the extent that I couldn't enjoy it at all), I may not rate it.
Races, DDA's, etc. I don't rate because I don't enjoy them as much, so I don't know how to rate them. So, it's just action maps and N-arts for me.

I love chaingun drone maps. Chaingun drones are so much fun when put in the right place.
I hate mine-jumper maps, even a little too much. I think I'm pretty bad at them too, because I can never complete them before I get too frusterated, and nobody else seems to have a problem with them. Don't expect me to rate mine-jumpers.

Unless I have parentheses next to the title, I did the tileset on my map.

Biggest (non-Nart) hot-maps-page map:
Air stayed on the top of the hot maps page until over 176 minutes after it was submitted, with 5 maps submitted before it and 9 ratings.

These guys rule:
im_bad_at_N []
Many others should be noted, but im_bad_at_N has supported my work for a long time, about the same time I stopped mapping terribly; AVATAR_FANATIC is more recent, but still supports both my work and the coolest non-comedy TV series I've ever seen (Futurama kind of rules more, sorry), and inspired my elements series by reminding me about that show.
looking back, maybe chume14 [] should be noted too.

Past Avi's:
The Cheat []
Homestar Runner []
Strong Sad []
Strong Bad []


Other Internet Interests
Homestar Runner [] - Is cool, always was cool, and will always be awexome!
FunOrb [] - I don't like their more recent games all that much though
TAO [] - my first ever online game, like since 1999 maybe. It's a little boring to me now, but it still rocks.

There are many more, but not of which I really liked in the end, like Magic Online, or even *shudder shudder* Runescape. yes, Runescape, it's hard to believe, but I was hooked on that game for a while, even though I rarely enjoyed it. That game just sucks you in against your will!

Recent Maps

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Happy Bumblebee Will-o'-the-Wisp False Happiness diamonds seem to be in (playable) Intrusion China