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Hello! I'm a Dutch guy and I mostly make race and puzzle(jumper) maps since 2006.

If you need advise on a race or jumper map, feel free to ask.

My Idol mappers:
In_Dub []
Lucidium []

Both are legends. 1 In races and the other in jumper/puzzles. Adore them!

Also some very cool authors are:
Destiny []
Meta_Ing []
21_seconds []

thx to everyone else who have supported me!

Feel free to scroll through my maps.

My pride,
My baby,
the races of all races,
obey it,
dream about it,
think about it,
love it,
eat it,
sniff if,
cry about it,
laugh about it,
Race it,
Play it,
Rate it,
but most of all Be it I'm talking about this [] map

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