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7 is a holy number but i have more than 7 rated maps o_O'' i have about 40 rated maps or more ^^ NOT SEVEN


If you haven't got the foggiest, why don't you just shut up?
-Dieter Nuhr-

My best Levels:


Symbiosis ( [])

This is my second tiledrone / trigger map. This was realy hard work and i have spend weeks to make that map. But the result is awesome =)
The map is changing while you playing.
I hope you like it ;) enjoy


Red Snow Falling Down ( [])

This is a nreality survival puzzel map :)
I used:
-> falling mines ;)
-> a drone and a ninja mod
-> a jump pad mod

a lot of hours of work i spend in this map and i think it is good ^^ try and have fun.
(you cannot jump you have to use the moving jump pads to get the gold/exit key)


Art of Motion ( [])

I use :

  • 6 Chase AI mines
  • 5 flying golds
  • Nija Mod (maxjumpCount,99999)
  • 4 Trigger Areas
  • 2 Trigger Door
  • 1 crazy exit door (^^)

Nreality Tutorial:

Here I explain how a Tiledrone and trigger work.

This is a tiledrone that i use:
At first you have to fix the walk-way of the drone. (Walkcode)
Write an U and the drone move one field up,
D -> Down
L -> Left
R -> Right
After the last Right-move the drone will do the same again. (UUULDDDRUUULDDDRUUULDDDR...)

Ok now your drone is moving. Then you have to fill in the Tilecode for the things that the drone will place while it is moving.
In Nreality helper is a index for all tile-code.
(Nreality helper link: [] but be carfull there are many bugs in this programm and the tiledrone-function in this programm doesn't function --> so don't use it; but use the index for the tilecode this is very usefull and works good)
Back to topic:
e.g. A "0" stand for an empty area and a "1" stand for a black area. So you could write something like this:
and the drone will place this while it is moving.
The Tilecode will be also loop.

Ok now your drone is working and you maybe like to add a trigger:
To add "Trigger" to a door key, append
to the door key object
e.g--> !9^228,276,0,0,27,11,1,-1,0^1,2!
This is the door:
at the end you add your trigger e.g.:
Then it turns trigger 1 on and trigger 2 off
btw. (more trigger can you separated by ".")

Then you want that something happens:
To make the object triggerable add this to the end of the objeyt (e.g. a drone):

For an example, the first line of drones can be started by the triggerID 1, and can be stopped by trigger ID 2
so their codes are

The door switch which starts it has the code of
and the door switch which stops it has the code of

Jea thats all. -^_^-
You can also add a circular movement and some other funny things but i don't have the time and the space to explain this here ...
feel free to ask me! (write a comment in one of my maps ... i will answer)

Good luck
(i hope i could help you)

I have learned everything of nreality-mods with "Trial and error" nobody has explained that to me. ;)


map making since 2006!
map making/uploading for numa since 2008!
map making/uploading for numa in a better way since 2009! (e.g. with nreality)

by DSnnds and Magista Polo

NReality Map of the Year (2009):

Plastiko by Yahoozy - 20 votes (24%)
Lets Play Doctor by SkyRay - 19 votes (22%)
Supersonic by player_03 - 19 votes (22%)
Operation glidethrough by brainstone - 15 votes ([18%)
Red Snow Falling Down II by nnds - 12 votes (14%)

total votes - 85

thats so cool; my first award for map making ^^
thank you all!

floorgard power xDDDDDDDD

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