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>>> Original 2009 Bio <<<

I enjoy making N Maps, and I know that not all my maps are that great, but nevertheless I like creating fun maps with cool ideas.

I would love to be a professional game designer after I get out of school, and I think that this is good level design practice!

>>> 6/3/2022 Update <<<

It's been over a decade since I first got into N mapping, and I've decided to revisit it. I will also try making some maps on N++ once I pick it up.

No, I never did become a professional game designer, but I still am trying! I am always working on game design, music production, art and more! I have released 6 albums of music at, and have been working on a comic as well as a card game! I also just released a card game last year at

Thanks for taking the time to read this! ♥

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Doomed III Poetry of A Scourge Sourcube Drifter Gardencore Megabyte