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My rating System:
5/5 = i like the map enough for me to faveruit it.
4/5 = i like it but not enugh for me to fave it.
3/5 = i dont like it but i can see that you put good effort to it and that others might like it.
2/5 = i dont like it and i dont think others would.
1/5 = a spamed map that the person did something but did not try.
0/5 the person broke a rule in the making of the map such as copying it of annother player.

here is a text wich i recomend for newcomers to read, and for people to copy and pasting on comments for newcomers, i will try to edit this as often that i can

tips on how to make a successfull map:
1. dont try to do something because of the cheat or boost or whatever it is. a good looking tileset first in anny map.
3.once you have done the tileset, choose the mission of the level, thats where you add exits and switches, this is where you decide where you HAVE to go.
4.add gold, place the gold at places where you dont have to go, this adds extra challenges to those who whant to.
5. and finnally, add some enimies, make sure that they all have a good enough point of being there and that they are not bunched up too close together.
6. playtest inbetween every-single step that i have mentioned.

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