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What's up guys. I'm 14, which is young here on NUMA I believe...
I enjoy mapping, and I LOVE to play Races and watch DDAs.

Interesting facts about NUMA now: "I hardly ever get a comment that says, 'This is a very nice map.' anymore."

This is a good thing. If someone is criticizing your map, that means they're trying to help you become a better mapper.

"I point my attention to new mappers. If their maps are *too* good they get /bad/ criticism. If they're somewhat bad, they still get bad critisicm."

"If the map is made by someone famous, they get instant 'Very good' comments. Some of the maps aren't even that good, and they still continue to say that!"

This is generally because they make good maps. In the case that they do make a below-average map, people aren't going to tell them what's wrong with it. They don't want to seem cocky, telling an established mapper that their map is trash.

MY 2 goals are to have a featured map, and have PALEMOON [] comment on at least one of my maps... I think getting a featured will be easier.

Here's a really neat and fun little tool, N Poser [].

My favorite mappers are-
shadow93kangaroo []- This guy is so cool, and his maps are too!
Jawbit []- He was the first mapper to give me help and tips, which he still does. Thanks man.
ZTHING []- awesome mapper and just-as-good reviewer.
Ultimatereading [] - This Guy always has a new idea up his sleeve, not to mention a ton of great maps!
thealien123 []- A guy who deserves waaaaay more attention than he gets right now.

I've beat all but 16 episodes. Mainly, the 80's column and 90's. My favorite map of my own is
8 Reasons to Hate the_puzzler [] I'm also willing to do a collab with somebody.
Thanks, you guys ROCK!

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