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<squibbles> glass_arm, you know, that is actually a really cool name
<squibbles> I was halfway through typing that sentance
<squibbles> and I was seriously going to say lame
<squibbles> but my fingers, man
<squibbles> they did it for me
<squibbles> they knew I was about to change my mind
<squibbles> and you know why I like it?
<squibbles> the concept
<squibbles> a glass arm
<squibbles> can you imagine that?
<squibbles> rigid
<squibbles> immovable
<squibbles> fragile
<squibbles> but yeah, conceptually, a glass arm is brilliant
<squibbles> because it would be so beautiful
<squibbles> but so horrible
<squibbles> fuck these pills are weird

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