Featured Map: Madness is a System, Moving Through You Left and Right by firetamer2

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We’re all mad, you know. Entirely bonkers. Unspeakable whims, unbearable thoughts, unfathomable impulses haunt us, day after day after day. We stay silent. We think ourselves tainted and broken, alone in our suffering; we dare not expose our fragility.

But among those abhorrent thoughts lies beauty. Learning to navigate our own madnesses — those eternal sparks of depression and anxiety and obsession and psychosis — is the human experience. As we begin to understand the systems of our madness, we dance lightly among the very urges we had believed to be inescapable. We conquer ourselves, and we learn to live.


Traverse Results & HallowCON: Haunt

Here are the winners for Traverse! Thanks to everybody for mapping, and to fingersonthefrets and lifdoff for judging with me!

0: Soul-juicer by Tempus_Fugit []
1: Sama Sama by Yahoozy []
2: TVC15 by Sunset []
3: no hell below us by Sunset []
4: K by Aidiera []

Congratulations to the winners!


This October's HallowCON is called Haunt! It is not to be confused with that other recent contest with a very similar name. The theme for the contest is spooky Halloween maps, as usual. Be sure to tag any entries with haunt []. The judges for this month will be Tempus_Fugit, blacklef, and myself. The deadline for submissions is November 1st, and each user can submit up to 3 maps!

Since NUMA isn't allowing map submissions at the moment, post your submissions to this forum thread [].

If you would like to be a judge in the future, please message me on the forums!

- DaggaFork

The End of an (Aidi) Era

Hello all. I've had a good three-year run. But my free time is substantially less than is necessary to be an active Admin for this site. So it's time to revive the community with some fresh blood. The new team will be as follows:

  • maxson924 (Rose) --- Senior Admin, Maintainer of the Peace
  • Sunset --- Junior Admin, Community Relations Administrative Personnel
  • DaggaFork --- Junior Admin, Senior Contest Arrangement Technician
  • lifdoff --- Junior Admin, Primary Officer Overseeing Prose
  • sidke --- sidke

Any comments or concerns about the site can be directed to Rose, who is very knowledgeable regarding the site. Sunset will be taking over the Dronies, as well as helping the other two. Dagga will be in charge of running NUMACons, and any suggestions for contest themes can be shared here []. (Also, if you are willing to judge a NUMACon, PM Dagga and let him know!) lifdoff will be helping to maintain an active Reviewer roster, along with making sure that we get a new featured map every once in a while. (If you would like to apply to become a reviewer, PM lifdoff and let him know!) And sidke will be doing sidke things. We also have three new Moderators: Radium (nee Falcon), DW40, and macrohenry. They will be culling the site, making sure we're all behaving and being nice to each other.

I would like to thank you all for three great years, and hope that there will be many more to come, whether on this site or another. I'll still be around, too. Be excellent to each other.

<3 Mat

We're broken again.

This time, map submissions are disabled. Until we find out why and fix it, map submissions can be shared in this thread. []

>> Aidiera

Swerve Results

This wasn't one of the more popular contests, oh well. The judges were Aidiera, blacklef, lifdoff, and Mohit. You can see their comments here [] and if you'd like to see how I arrived at the top four, click here. []

0th ::: The Fourth Dimension - macrohenry []
1st ::: Swerve - Aidiera []
2nd ::: Where Once Was Greatness - script []
3rd ::: UL963 - Onesevennine []


>> Aidiera

Gaunt Results :: NUMACon - Traverse

I'm sorry it took so long to finish the judging (of which there was none). My comments can be read here [] and the poll results are here. []

0th :: concentricity >> script []
1st :: SpatterSpew >> tiki854 []
1st :: BS117 >> Onesevennine []
1st :: Maseru >> Yahoozy []
1st :: forbidden sun >> PALEMOON []

Thank you all for participating. The August NUMACon is will be Traverse [] and the theme is "unconventional ways of moving around". Interpret that as you wish. Two maps per contestant and all maps must be submitted before 1 September. Judges will be da_guru, DaggaFork, and lifdoff. (Swerve judging will commence ASAP.)

Lastly, if you'd like to be an Admin for NUMA, click here. []

>> Aidiera

News Thread

Posted:2015-05-26 []

As you know, News posts on NUMA do not get saved, so I created the above thread to archive them. From now on, my News posts will be posted in that thread instead of here (but I'll post to both if something important comes up). This month's NUMACon is called Swerve [] and the 2014 Dronies will soon be underway.

>> Aidiera

Gaunt Judging & Such

First, as previously mentioned, there is an open poll on the forum. [] It will close at the end of the month when the next contest begins. Voting for your own map is allowed since you're given three choices. If voter turnout is high maybe more contests will be judged this way.

Second, if your browser has a userscript plugin (like Greasemonkey [] or Tampermonkey []), atomizer made a reeeally awesome script which updates links to Appspot links on NUMA, the wikia, and the forums. Paste THIS [] into your plugin and be sure to thank atomizer.

Third, I'm considering moving News Posts to the forums where we have more control over them, like editing and archiving. You might know that News Posts on NUMA get deleted once they're off the front page (citation needed), but if they were posted to a thread, they would be kept longer. If that's okay with you guys (and my fellow Admin), I'd like to do that starting pretty soon.

Lastly, nominations for the 2014 Dronies are over at the end of this month. Much thanks to the highscoring community to participating, but more noms would still be helpful. Also, voting will be different. There will be several pages on the form, and each page will have all the nominees in on category, and you will have to select your top five. Thanks.

>> Aidiera


Until further notice, the domain "" is not longer tied to this site. If you haven't already found out, the old url [] is still operational and the site can be accessed as per usual. However, NReality is directly connected to the "" domain, therefore you are unable to access NUMA maps with NReality. I will update you when it is switched out. I'm terribly sorry for this dilemma, and I hope that it is resolved posthaste.

>> Aidiera

Metamorph Results

I'm sorry for the delay. The judges were Onesevennine [], cheez [], and myself []. Comments can be found here [].

0th :: Haunted_Bamboo - PALEMOON []
0th :: Madres - the23 []
1st :: Cape Coral - blacklef []
2nd :: The Naif Ninja and the Big Blue Ballsey Bullies - macrohenry & blue_rocks []
2nd :: Inhalable Drug - PALEMOON []

I'd also like to inform you that for the next few NUMACons, submissions will be lowered to either one or two per member. It seems that too many maps to choose from leads to the judges being unable to choose five winners. (This is why we have two ties above.) So with less options, there should be more overlap. Also, if you are interested, I need reliable people to volunteer to judge the upcoming contests. Leave me a comment if you can help out. Congrats to the winners, and I'm glad the retile contest was a success.

>> Aidiera

Gaunt will be over May 1st.