Featured Map: Concrete by lifdoff

Thumbnail of the map 'Concrete'

I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that lifdoff is the ultimate mapper for jumpers nowadays. It is not for nothing that “Lucidium would be proud” has been chosen as his NUMA title.
What sets this jumper apart from the many others that he has made is the very clean layout, mainly consisting of a simple tileset and one-ways, and the manner the jumps are arranged. On top of that, lifdoff has also managed to make this map a puzzle-ish one and, as you might know, I’m always a big admirer for these.

Swerve Results

This wasn't one of the more popular contests, oh well. The judges were Aidiera, blacklef, lifdoff, and Mohit. You can see their comments here [] and if you'd like to see how I arrived at the top four, click here. []

0th ::: The Fourth Dimension - macrohenry []
1st ::: Swerve - Aidiera []
2nd ::: Where Once Was Greatness - script []
3rd ::: UL963 - Onesevennine []


>> Aidiera

Gaunt Results :: NUMACon - Traverse

I'm sorry it took so long to finish the judging (of which there was none). My comments can be read here [] and the poll results are here. []

0th :: concentricity >> script []
1st :: SpatterSpew >> tiki854 []
1st :: BS117 >> Onesevennine []
1st :: Maseru >> Yahoozy []
1st :: forbidden sun >> PALEMOON []

Thank you all for participating. The August NUMACon is will be Traverse [] and the theme is "unconventional ways of moving around". Interpret that as you wish. Two maps per contestant and all maps must be submitted before 1 September. Judges will be da_guru, DaggaFork, and lifdoff. (Swerve judging will commence ASAP.)

Lastly, if you'd like to be an Admin for NUMA, click here. []

>> Aidiera

News Thread

Posted:2015-05-26 []

As you know, News posts on NUMA do not get saved, so I created the above thread to archive them. From now on, my News posts will be posted in that thread instead of here (but I'll post to both if something important comes up). This month's NUMACon is called Swerve [] and the 2014 Dronies will soon be underway.

>> Aidiera

Gaunt Judging & Such

First, as previously mentioned, there is an open poll on the forum. [] It will close at the end of the month when the next contest begins. Voting for your own map is allowed since you're given three choices. If voter turnout is high maybe more contests will be judged this way.

Second, if your browser has a userscript plugin (like Greasemonkey [] or Tampermonkey []), atomizer made a reeeally awesome script which updates links to Appspot links on NUMA, the wikia, and the forums. Paste THIS [] into your plugin and be sure to thank atomizer.

Third, I'm considering moving News Posts to the forums where we have more control over them, like editing and archiving. You might know that News Posts on NUMA get deleted once they're off the front page (citation needed), but if they were posted to a thread, they would be kept longer. If that's okay with you guys (and my fellow Admin), I'd like to do that starting pretty soon.

Lastly, nominations for the 2014 Dronies are over at the end of this month. Much thanks to the highscoring community to participating, but more noms would still be helpful. Also, voting will be different. There will be several pages on the form, and each page will have all the nominees in on category, and you will have to select your top five. Thanks.

>> Aidiera


Until further notice, the domain "" is not longer tied to this site. If you haven't already found out, the old url [] is still operational and the site can be accessed as per usual. However, NReality is directly connected to the "" domain, therefore you are unable to access NUMA maps with NReality. I will update you when it is switched out. I'm terribly sorry for this dilemma, and I hope that it is resolved posthaste.

>> Aidiera

Metamorph Results

I'm sorry for the delay. The judges were Onesevennine [], cheez [], and myself []. Comments can be found here [].

0th :: Haunted_Bamboo - PALEMOON []
0th :: Madres - the23 []
1st :: Cape Coral - blacklef []
2nd :: The Naif Ninja and the Big Blue Ballsey Bullies - macrohenry & blue_rocks []
2nd :: Inhalable Drug - PALEMOON []

I'd also like to inform you that for the next few NUMACons, submissions will be lowered to either one or two per member. It seems that too many maps to choose from leads to the judges being unable to choose five winners. (This is why we have two ties above.) So with less options, there should be more overlap. Also, if you are interested, I need reliable people to volunteer to judge the upcoming contests. Leave me a comment if you can help out. Congrats to the winners, and I'm glad the retile contest was a success.

>> Aidiera

Gaunt will be over May 1st.


NUMACon :: Gaunt ++ Creature Features

I'm sorry for the delay in Metamorph results. As soon as they're finished I'll post them. But I wanted to begin April's NUMACon. Gaunt will be a contest about making a map that's long, hard, and full of - ahem - challenges. It can't be too hard, but it can't be too easy either. Find the perfect balance of difficulty and enjoyability and you'll do well. But each member is only allowed one submission, so make sure it's good. Be sure to tag your submission GAUNT [], and you have until 1 April to join.


Next, I've run short on Reviewers again, so I've created a Workshop [] where members can submit reviews to be proofread, fine-tuned, and perfected. All of you are welcome to submit reviews and help each other work on them. If I get an influx of Creature Features, I'll even create a special account just for them. Any questions regarding the Workshop can be posted as a comment to the document.


Lastly, nominations for the 2014 Dronies [] will close at the end of June. While that may seem far away now, it'll be upon us before you know it. That being said, I made a nifty little tool to help you browse the qualifiers: []

Open NUMA and click that link to view a random map made in 2014. It's not perfect, since it includes delisted maps and a few non-maps, but it's helped me a lot, so I'm sure it will help you. Have fun!

>> Aidiera

NUMACon & Arcana & The 2014 Dronies

User-requested, Aidiera-accepted, this is Metamorph, the first retile NUMACon. What's a retile, you ask? A retile is a map has the same objects as another map, but a brand new tileset. The only rules for a retile are that 1. you do not add, remove, or modify the given objects, and 2. all items must be visible (but do not need to be accessible). I, being a practiced retile specialist, have hand-picked twenty maps from the in-game levels. You can browse them HERE [] and choose the three you like most to retile. I'm sorry if one of your favorite maps wasn't chosen; the vast majority of them would be... difficult to say the least.

Anyhoozies, this contest will run until 28 February, contestants may submit three entries tagged Metamorph [], and any questions can of course be directed at myself.


In more exciting news, PALEMOON and sidke have joined forces to bring you a new kind of mapping experience. Actually, this is a more freeform version of MapDraft, which older members might remember. But this is waaay sicker! MapDraft : Arcana is a project designed to inspire, intrigue, and most of all, invite mappers to expand their horizons. So cleanse your soul, clear your mind, and head on over to the thread [] to see what the fates have in store for you.


Finally, the 2014 Dronies Nominations have begun! Head on over to [] to submit your nominations. As previously mentioned, the categories have been changed, but you are still able to submit the same amount of maps. You'll need a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) in order to log in, but I'm only making this mandatory so that you now have the option of editing your submissions! I'll leave the form open for a couple months because I want -- and NEED -- as many submissions as possible. Okay, cool. []

Thank you all for taking the time to make this community as great as it is. It's not because of me, it's because of you.™

>> Aidiera

Less Results & More!

YetiRevolution [] got a sub-20 minute 00 column at AGDQ. Congrats, dude!


With over 60 maps, this was one of the most successful NUMACons in like, ever! DW40, mahi_mahi and Aidiera were the judges with Bio stepping in to be a tie-breaker. Aidiera's comments are on the forums [], along with a poll to vote for the theme of the next NUMACon, which will take place in February. Here are the winners:

0th :: Less Is More, More Or Less by ChrisE []
1st :: Canalamo by Yahoozy []
2nd :: Mea Culpa by krusch []
3rd :: Gravily-Less Zone by the23 []
4th :: Less at last by IodineEnvy []


One last note: The 2014 Dronies will be a bit different then all the previous years. I've switched up the categories because there were simply not enough maps made this year. You'll see in a few weeks when nominations begin, but for now my suggestion is to keep a list of all your favorites and divvy them up later. You will also need a Google account to fill out the form, just as a heads up.

>> Aidiera