Featured Map: Part 6: Demolishing by Riobe

Thumbnail of the map 'Part 6: Demolishing'

I'm not a huge fan of races, mainly because most of them feel so similar that after playing a few, the genre seems to have little more to offer.

And yet, there are exceptions. True, “Demolishing”'s aesthetic isn't anything new in the race genre, but it more than makes up for that with a great use of thwumps, challenging jumps, an exhilarating, breakneck pace and one of the coolest finishes to a map that I have ever seen.

Riobe might be best known for his stunning tilesets, but “Demolishing” shows that he's one of the finest race-makers as well. — lifdoff


i would just like to say merry christmas and happy holidays, and a happy soon-to-be new year, from me to you

stay golden

Tag Happy Hellidays maps with "hellidays"

Posted:2015-12-14 []
- DaggaFork

The future of NUMA: Reviews and other stuff

Alright, now that NUMA is back, I would like to get reviews back going on an as regularly as possible - preferably one a day, but I know that that's (probably) not realistic.

All active reviewers will remain on the roster for the time being, and I'd ask you to please claim a couple of dates - let's say a minimum of two a month, that sound good? - on this spreadsheet [].

If anybody else wishes to become a reviewer, please PM me with two sample reviews along with links to the maps that they are for. I can't really guarantee anything, but given the vacancies we have, your chances are pretty good of becoming a member of the review team.

Other than that, NUMA has been working pretty smoothly for me so far, but if you find any errors persisting, don't hesitate to contact either any of us admins (that's me, DaggaFork and sunset at the moment) or Tempus_Fugit (who's brother is the hero that managed to return NUMA to functionality) - we can all be reached either by comments on our maps or via the forums.

Happy mapping, and once again, welcome back!

>> lifdoff

Posting is back!


Haunt Results & NUMACON: Happy Hellidays!

Congratulations to macrohenry [] for his Haunt win! His map Trick or Trick took the win in a unanimous vote from all three judges! Thank you everyone (all 4 of you) for the amazing submissions. The maps can be played here on the forum. []


This December through January is the Holiday NUMACON. This year submissions should be difficult maps with a holiday theme. You can submit maps to the Happy Hellidays forum post [] or to the Happy Hellidays reddit thread []. Submissions must be in before the end of January. There is no limit to submitted maps. If you would like to be a judge for this or any NUMACON in the future send me a PM on the forums. Merry mapping!

The New NUMA Subreddt

NUMA has been dead for a while and map sharing has been slow on the forums. In an effort to revive the mapping community somewhat, we have decided to try a different way of sharing maps that, unlike the forums, offers a better way of directly commenting on maps and interacting with other mappers and, thus, I present:

The NUMA Subreddit []

If you are still an active mapper and just itching to share maps, runs on maps or just to engage in discussion or dish out compliments for other well-made maps, head over there and join us in our efforts to keep this community alive despite any technical issues plaguing this site.

I'll see you over there!


Reminder that you can still share maps with others!

Posted:2015-10-12 will take you to the forum thread. As of this post, there was a map posted there three days ago, with a demo on said map posted since. Is it ideal? Hell no, and I'm just as sad as the rest of you that it's come to this. But for those of you who want to keep mapping, this is surely better than quitting entirely. And I'm not making any promises, and I know it's been a struggle for a while, but who knows? Hopefully we can figure something out.

Traverse Results & HallowCON: Haunt

Here are the winners for Traverse! Thanks to everybody for mapping, and to fingersonthefrets and lifdoff for judging with me!

0: Soul-juicer by Tempus_Fugit []
1: Sama Sama by Yahoozy []
2: TVC15 by Sunset []
3: no hell below us by Sunset []
4: K by Aidiera []

Congratulations to the winners!


This October's HallowCON is called Haunt! It is not to be confused with that other recent contest with a very similar name. The theme for the contest is spooky Halloween maps, as usual. Be sure to tag any entries with haunt []. The judges for this month will be Tempus_Fugit, blacklef, and myself. The deadline for submissions is November 1st, and each user can submit up to 3 maps!

Since NUMA isn't allowing map submissions at the moment, post your submissions to this forum thread [].

If you would like to be a judge in the future, please message me on the forums!

- DaggaFork

The End of an (Aidi) Era

Hello all. I've had a good three-year run. But my free time is substantially less than is necessary to be an active Admin for this site. So it's time to revive the community with some fresh blood. The new team will be as follows:

  • maxson924 (Rose) --- Senior Admin, Maintainer of the Peace
  • Sunset --- Junior Admin, Community Relations Administrative Personnel
  • DaggaFork --- Junior Admin, Senior Contest Arrangement Technician
  • lifdoff --- Junior Admin, Primary Officer Overseeing Prose
  • sidke --- sidke

Any comments or concerns about the site can be directed to Rose, who is very knowledgeable regarding the site. Sunset will be taking over the Dronies, as well as helping the other two. Dagga will be in charge of running NUMACons, and any suggestions for contest themes can be shared here []. (Also, if you are willing to judge a NUMACon, PM Dagga and let him know!) lifdoff will be helping to maintain an active Reviewer roster, along with making sure that we get a new featured map every once in a while. (If you would like to apply to become a reviewer, PM lifdoff and let him know!) And sidke will be doing sidke things. We also have three new Moderators: Radium (nee Falcon), DW40, and macrohenry. They will be culling the site, making sure we're all behaving and being nice to each other.

I would like to thank you all for three great years, and hope that there will be many more to come, whether on this site or another. I'll still be around, too. Be excellent to each other.

<3 Mat

We're broken again.

This time, map submissions are disabled. Until we find out why and fix it, map submissions can be shared in this thread. []

>> Aidiera