Featured Map: Bunker Hill by Conen__TG_

Thumbnail of the map 'Bunker Hill'

At one point the ninja was heavily equipped and drilled for operation in hostile bunkers, but after some battlefield hanky-panky with that devilish redheaded lieutenant in the 4th Battalion, the sudden call of duty has left him terribly unprepared! Help our hero conquer Bunker Hill using only your sharp wits, extreme athleticism, and prodigious skill in bed (although not all enemy agents are vulnerable to this particular skillset)! Remember, you're doing this for honor and country. And maybe a new set of clothes, as that lieutenant appears to have taken yours. And maybe you can get her number too. — PALEMOON

Curious Results + NUMACon :: Less

Many thanks to both TommyWisau and Losttortuga for helping me judge the entries. Our critiques are on the forums [], and here are the top five. Thank you all for participating.

  1. VO586 - Onesevennine []
  2. EV064 - Onesevennine []
  3. An Artist's Touch - tiki854 []
  4. the gourd - mahi_mahi []
  5. The Seer - anco []


TW had the wonderful idea to have a 'minimalist' NUMACon. However, minimalism is a rather hard abstract to judge, so we're letting the mappers come up with their own restrictions. It can be something as basic as "enemy-less" or "gold-less" to something more creative, like "one drone for the whole map" or a "no jump KRA". Try to give yourself limits which enhance the map and don't just make mapping harder. This contest will run until 31 December and each member can submit a whopping 5 maps! Maps should be tagged LESS [] in order to be judged. Any questions can be directed at myself, and best of luck to all.

>> Aidiera

(PS: The Dronies are coming, don't worry.)

NUMACon :: Curious

Hello friends. This month's NUMACon is a little different than usual. I'm challenging you to rethink how you make maps. If you have a good grasp on the mechanics & aesthetics of mapping, then try breaking a few of the unspoken rules. Try putting some drones in the tiles or stack a bunch of rockets; nearly anything goes in this contest. If you'd like some examples of post-modernism in regards to mapping, check out the back-catalogs of these guys:

You may submit up to three maps for this contest. Tag your submissions CURIOUS [] and you have until 1 November 2014. The judges will be MyCheezKilledYours, maxson924, and gloomp. Have fun!

>> Aidiera

Oodles Results

The judges were Aidiera, PALEMOON, and Rose stepping in as a tiebreaker. You can view the critiques here. []

0th :: No Fly List by Yahoozy []
1st :: two direction by Wizard2 []
2nd :: Hellop by lord_day []
3rd :: Lighthead by Yahoozy []
4th :: kiaora by kiaora []

Thank you all for the lovely maps, and be ready for October's NUMACon (which will not be Halloween-themed this year, sorry).

>> Aidiera

NUMACon: Oodles

This month's challenge is to make a map utilizing oneways. They're pretty buggy, so don't be afraid to exploit the hell out of them. Oneways should be the main theme of the map too, not just a small part of it. Three maps per author, and be sure to tag them Oodles [] so that I can find them. Judges will be me and probably me again. Maps must be submitted by 1 September.


I would also like to mention that nominations for The Dronies are still ongoing and that I only need about ten more submissions before voting can begin. If you scroll down to the Wintercon post you'll see all the necessary links and information necessary to nominate maps. So please, take the time to do your part for the community. The future of NUMA depends on you. But no pressure or anything.

>> Aidiera

Oblique Results

In a stunning turn of events, NachoCheese and I had two completely different top-five lists, so in fairness I'm going to award each of our two favorites. So without further ado...

0th :: Fern by macrohenry []
0th :: super by Invalid []
1st :: Parkour by ChrisE []
1st :: 45 Tilted Drums by script []

Some comments are here. [] Many thanks for participating, everyone. Stay tuned for the next NUMACon, coming February 2019. :p

>> Aidiera

Regarding the number of maps on the hot maps page per user:

The traditional rule was that each user could have two maps on the hot maps page at any given time. But these days, that doesn't really work, and it unfairly restricts users' posting rates, as maps with no ratings at all can stay on the page for four days.

So instead, the rule from here on out (a rule that always existed but was rarely talked about): 5 maps per user per day, maximum. And try not to submit all 5 at once, as we don't want some unlucky soul submitting their map half an hour before someone else pushes their map down five spots. This should allow anyone to post maps to their heart's content (within reason) and possibly increase activity here.

If you have any questions, just leave me a message on one of my maps, or find me on irc in #music or #n-mapping.

- Rose

NUMACon :: Oblique

For February's contest, you must make maps using only slanted tiles. (The border is the only part that can be flat if you wish to include it.) The little half-tile sides on 2-tiles and 3-tiles are allowed however. No 4 / 8 tiles either; those will be for another 'con. I don't know who will judge, though I'm hoping 'hooz will accept my offer. Submissions are open until 1 March, and up to three maps per author. Tag your maps oblique [] and have fun!

>> Aidiera

PS see the post below for information on the Dronies.

Wintercon Results & The Dronies: 2013

Part The First

0th << It's a Hailstorm! [] by Mohit_Ghune
1st << snow [] by Invalid
2nd << Sixfold Straightforward [] by script
3rd << A Snow Globe and A harsh Wind [] by IodineEnvy
4th << Guess What This Map Is About [] by lsudny

Critiques are here []. Thank you all for participating! The next NUMACon will be in February.

Part The Second

How to nominate maps for the 2013 Dronies:

1. PM Aidiera [] on the forums to ask for a code.
2. Go to the webform [] site and paste the seven-letter code in the first box and a link to your NUMA profile in the second box.
4. Nom nom nom! You get up to three nominations per category. You can nominate one map for more than one category, but only once in each category.

Any questions will be answered in this thread. [] Get to it!

>> Aidiera

Your attention please.

Do not report maps for being objectively terrible. That is not against the rules, although I wish it was. Merry Christmas.


Wintercon + Dronies

Firstly, I don't get many snowy days. None, actually. So perhaps some of you can make this December a white one for me. Make any sort of winter-themed map you'd like and tag it wintercon []. Two maps per person, and the judges will be TommyWiseau, DaggaFork and myself.

Secondness, the 2013 Dronies are almost upon us, so take some time to go through the year's maps and chose your nominations. I'm continuing the process of using a 'code' that I PM you on the forums to verify your account on the webform site. Message me on the forums and I will send you a seven-letter word which will be your code. The form is HERE [] but submissions won't be open until January.

>> Aidiera