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Legend tells of the Mines of Moria, in the Misty Mountains, where the dwarves dwelled for ages mining mithril.

Unknown to most, legend ALSO tells of the nearby Mines of Kiaora, home of the ninjas. Ninjas are a unique race: everything is out to kill them, but they never attack, instead relying on their ability to outmaneuver and outwit. Thus, Kiaora is a place of traps, filled with mines, thwumps,and forbidding rock formations. There, the ninjas lived in seclusion, mining gold to stay alive.

It’s unclear why the ninjas fled Kiaora, but rumors tell of precious gold they left behind… — Nexx

NUMACon :: Oblique

For February's contest, you must make maps using only slanted tiles. (The border is the only part that can be flat if you wish to include it.) The little half-tile sides on 2-tiles and 3-tiles are allowed however. No 4 / 8 tiles either; those will be for another 'con. I don't know who will judge, though I'm hoping 'hooz will accept my offer. Submissions are open until 1 March, and up to three maps per author. Tag your maps oblique [] and have fun!

>> Aidiera

PS see the post below for information on the Dronies.

Wintercon Results & The Dronies: 2013

Part The First

0th << It's a Hailstorm! [] by Mohit_Ghune
1st << snow [] by Invalid
2nd << Sixfold Straightforward [] by script
3rd << A Snow Globe and A harsh Wind [] by IodineEnvy
4th << Guess What This Map Is About [] by lsudny

Critiques are here []. Thank you all for participating! The next NUMACon will be in February.

Part The Second

How to nominate maps for the 2013 Dronies:

1. PM Aidiera [] on the forums to ask for a code.
2. Go to the webform [] site and paste the seven-letter code in the first box and a link to your NUMA profile in the second box.
4. Nom nom nom! You get up to three nominations per category. You can nominate one map for more than one category, but only once in each category.

Any questions will be answered in this thread. [] Get to it!

>> Aidiera

Your attention please.

Do not report maps for being objectively terrible. That is not against the rules, although I wish it was. Merry Christmas.


Wintercon + Dronies

Firstly, I don't get many snowy days. None, actually. So perhaps some of you can make this December a white one for me. Make any sort of winter-themed map you'd like and tag it wintercon []. Two maps per person, and the judges will be TommyWiseau, DaggaFork and myself.

Secondness, the 2013 Dronies are almost upon us, so take some time to go through the year's maps and chose your nominations. I'm continuing the process of using a 'code' that I PM you on the forums to verify your account on the webform site. Message me on the forums and I will send you a seven-letter word which will be your code. The form is HERE [] but submissions won't be open until January.

>> Aidiera

Here are the FRIGHT NIGHT winners!

0th: Turtle and Human Come Back From the Dead by lfaber []
1st: Gluttony by Tempus_Fugit []
2nd: Mr.October by IodineEny []
3rd: The Dead Shall Rise Again by blue_rocks []
4th: 37-2: Multiple Possesion Fuhai no Onna by deep_blue []

I've posted my critiques and Chrdrenkmann's top five here []. The next NUMACon will be announced at the end of November, but you'd best practice mapping until then.

Happy Halloween!

>> Aidiera

HallowCON and Reviewer Revivals

Akin to last year's HallowCON [], this year's HallowCON will be called FRIGHT NIGHT. [] I'm looking for very atmospheric maps, full of shadowy scare parts and pointy death bits. Submit your maps between October 1st and 30th and tag them "FN".

Also, I'm sure many of you are a little disappointed with how few and far between the featured maps have been. So let's get some fresh blood (mwahahah). If you think you can write two reviews a month and have the best taste in maps ever, leave me a comment on this map: []

Have fun and brush your teeth daily.

>> Aidiera

Perplex Results


There were many good choices, but even more challenges and clever ideas which you guys thought of. TommyWiseau, lfaber and I made our judgements, and TW says, "the most important aspect in judging is how much the map motivated us to complete it; not only because of how fun it was, but also because of our desire to discover how much creativity had been put into the puzzle mechanics."

1. Phantom Corridors [] by Nexx
2. Crosseyed and Painless [] by anco
3. It appears I can't compete with image maps. [] by NachoCheese
4. Skyood [] by DDRave
5. Hell Yeah [] by da_guru

I can't say for sure when the next NUMACon will be, but if you have any suggestions for themes (not enemy-based) leave me a comment. Keep up the excellent mapping, y'all.

>> Aidiera

Dronies Results (Plus a NUMACon!)


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all the wonderful folks who voted. Let's hope the 2013s will be just as successful.

This just in! The next NUMACon will be called Perplex [] and will be an old-fashioned puzzle map challenge. Three entries per person and the maps must be beatable (no survivals, etc.). Bonus points for maps which utilize jumper aspects. Judges are TBD and you have until September First to submit your entries. Tag your maps "perplex" and may the best baffler win!

>> Aidiera

The 2012 Dronies

The form is here [] and the thread is here. []

Voting will be open for about a month, or longer if there's enough activity. Perhaps another NUMACON will be scheduled after the results are posted.

Version 2.0

At long last! []