the night we burned chrome

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Tags 3tile author:palemoon rated retile retile3
Created 2019-05-23
Last Modified 2019-05-23
by 5 people.
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Description this is my week 5 ReTile submission!

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agree with frets

really cool structure
had a good time with this one. rockets were used really well.


Demo Data
(even though i've been playing spelunky for the last 5 years and trying to shift my jump-button-knowledge from the z-button in spelunky to the spacebar is INFURIATING.)

no chainguns

KRA-ish start especially is really cool.

Like the tiles a lot, although that central E tile maybe sits a little funny against the rest of the set. The section of tiles to the bottom right of the exit key is my fav.

At first found the central and leftmost gold patches a little awkward to gather, but got better with a few playthroughs. Wouldn't've minded some more flexibility round them though.

Overall really great, felt refreshing for a rocket/gold centric map