one with the basilisk

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Created 2018-09-11
Last Modified 2018-09-11
by 6 people.
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Description the slow fury of time treated him the same way it'll treat us

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I really like the climb to the right
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alright i was into this reminded me of the part in enders game where he fucks around in a giant's skeleton for four chapters and it somehow isn't boring
Interesting because the chaingun is indecipherable to me & it's one of your most used enemies. I feel like more issue is more common though, the chaingun is chaotic and unruly. Dunno how you always use it so well.


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and Raif still running.
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almost sub 1000
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I like it

I agree with deep_blue, the tile set is great.


The tileset

Slow AGD

Fun map, enjoyed playing it.
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oh yeah

oh HELL yeah!! yeah!!!!!!!! hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!