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Featured map for 2019-10-19: Downpour Girl by The-Riot

Thumbnail of the map 'Downpour Girl'

First up: I can't believe I found this using Numa's random function! What a map! The-Riot, which is a collaborative account consisting of various Numa luminaries, assembled this claustrophobic fusion of styles that doesn't shy away from using jagged tiles or atypical gold clusters. Despite the account being dormant since 2011, there's still a juicy back catalogue of maps you can check out (if you're looking for something off the beaten path). — ska

Featured map for 2019-08-10: Afternoon Lines by Spackal

Thumbnail of the map 'Afternoon Lines'

When I decided to seek out this community again, I thought that I had seen it all. I was here for the supposed "Golden Age" of NUMA, a time when 50 maps were submitted every day by as many authors. Even so, Spackal shows us that there is still room for improvement in this game. Afternoon Lines does something I never would have considered: turned an action map into a fully realized race that looks as though it was built from scratch. Congratulations on placing 3rd in the ReTile competition, Spackal! — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-07-23: Cantdie Dragon by deep_blue

Thumbnail of the map 'Cantdie Dragon'

Behold the mighty dragon in all its splendor.

It's fiery eyes and shrewd disposition cast a penetrating gaze upon its next meal.

For once you lock eyes with the mighty Cantdie dragon, it will be the last set of eyes you ever see. It's merciless attacking dive will cause the dragon to sink its jagged teeth into your torso, rendering you unconscious in a matter of seconds. To the dragon, though, you are but just another meal in its long line of insatiable conquests. — ska

Featured map for 2019-07-07: Strontium-90 Half-and-half by Yahoozy

Thumbnail of the map 'Strontium-90 Half-and-half'

Strontium-90 half-and-half
Mix it with coffee, make you laugh
Make your neck long like a giraffe
Sitting so nicely, photograph

Hyacinth flowers lost their hue
Baby, you lost your blue eyes, too
Brewing espresso meant for two
How can you say this is adieu?

- Excerpt from a poem found on a sheet of paper taped to the back of a bench by a playground of an abandoned school, 15 years from now — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-07-04: Shatterproof by fingersonthefrets

Thumbnail of the map 'Shatterproof'

The ideal of the center, either around a single enemy or having you otherwise move through its perimeters to reach the end (Sendy’s Edgeplay [], stepself’s Rue the Whirl []) has long-enticed NUMA’s architects. Here, like Zaha Hadid to Rudolph Schindler, is its inverse. fingersonthefrets forces the player to run directly and harrowingly toward the center rocket, which is like an atom split, tiles seeming to fusillade out from it while the path snakes exactingly around the level, forming out of midair graphite and steel, blasted and pulled. To achieve such a perfect form in competition is striking. Congratulations and excellent work! — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-06-21: Don't let me go. by jonboiFC

Thumbnail of the map 'Don't let me go.'

Every so often a map is published that causes one to question their dedication to N. This particular submission separates players into three distinct groups: the elite, the dedicated, and then everyone else. For those who dare to try this, be aware that this map doesn't skimp on the difficulty. The upper and lower sections each have their own challenges that make this map feel more thought out than one would suspect. It took me many tries to simply complete this map - I suspect it will take many more to collect all the gold in a single run. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-06-03: November Rain by GreenEggsAndHam

Thumbnail of the map 'November Rain'

The design of this map feels mountainous to me, and the way it plays feels as though one is heading down some moderately difficult ski slopes. This feeling is derived in part by the slingshot-esque ski lift that takes you from the bottom to the top in moments. This design isn't something most of us would think to incorporate, but that is why GreenEggsAndHam sits at the cool kids' table. As you carve your route through the snow on this one, play around and take in the scenery as much as you can before you head back to the lodge. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-05-26: light and dark strokes by nitrile

Thumbnail of the map 'light and dark strokes'

"light and dark strokes" by nitrile is an aptly named map that makes great use of two visual ideas. The first, a progression of linearly spaced stripes that form the backbone of the tileset, the second, three bouncing bands outlined only by the space they cut. Three gauss turrets guard the main channels of movement; one further turret protects the gold found at the back of the room. The map can be played cautiously, hide in the nooks and take shortcuts between locations, or in a swift fashion, effortlessly run through the channels while still remaining wary of searching turrets. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-05-23: The Dance of the Moon and the Sun by anco

Thumbnail of the map 'The Dance of the Moon and the Sun'

As mines rain down from the heavens on high, it is time to perform the Dance of the Moon and the Sun. Tread carefully, the dance is perilous yet ultimately compelling. And once the caper is complete? Those who feel their act is done would be found mistaken. The Dance of the Moon and the Sun holds one final secret. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-05-20: Plutonium by da_guru

Thumbnail of the map 'Plutonium'

This unstable core takes the form of an unfolding pattern of red light. Just looking at the center exposes you to the laser drones and their intensifying pressure. Seek shelter from Plutonium's deadly core for a short break, but know that every moment wasted causes even more radioactive decay - and that you've still got to get out alive... — PALEMOON

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