Victory or Death!

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Author TRT_Bardock
Tags action author:trt_bardock featured unrated
Created 2009-05-23
Last Modified 2009-05-23
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Map Data

Description Or in this case, try again.

Mine jumper/dodger. Slightly on the tougher side. Some views please?

This map was featured on 2022-12-22

"Ineptitude clings at your heels which you are powerless to escape!"

Each potshot stings deeper as the determined potsticker dodges, calculating its next leap.

"I only want to share..." the embattled jiaozi implores, dancing between mines, for a shimmering moment catching respite upon crest before a sudden tower impedes."

"Sorry, honey, but in Soup Town™, one must be this spicy to serve!"

The poached clam slams shut with a powerful retort upon this saucy revelation, sending the helpless dumpling bouncing, down the treacherous incline, back into the boiling pot. — Arona_Daal

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btw... this is highly replayable map. 5AVED.

AGD: 136.000 // 720 frames
Demo Data

Fucking hell.

Put maps here so people can play them, not because you expect them too.

I like the map, and especially the faux-three-dimensional tile form. The gameplay felt a bit contrived, and didn't seem to have much to do with those tiles, but it was still somewhat fun to play. The placemen of the mines around the dome were intuitive, while the more ambiguous mines seemed a little sporadic. Have a four.


Dunno why I even try. Fuck numa..
Last map ever..