Featured Map: Regenerating by hamsandwich

Thumbnail of the map 'Regenerating'

I feel pretty honoured to be the first person to feature a hamsandwich map. They came like a bolt from the blue to N 1.4 in 2020 with a map that clearly showed a strong grasp of mapmaking [], presumably learning their chops on N 2.0 or N++ as per their bio. In any case, this map shows that quality over quantity is something every author should strive for, as this is such a cleverly constructed masterpiece. I adore how challenging the gold is and how you can bypass the locked door with skill. — ska

3-Tile: A ReTile Competition has concluded!

NUMA has not been so active these last few years, but thanks to all of the participants for the ReTile competition, we’ve seen a huge amount of activity on the site over the last couple months. Overall, 77 maps were made for the competition across 5 weeks. The final round concluded in the last week of May and now we have the results of the competition! As promised, here are the title and links to the top scoring maps from each participant. Please rate/comment/enjoy these maps as they are all amazing creations!

Amibe :: Escape []
blacklef :: blacklef’s constant []
ChrisE :: Close Your Eyes And Let Go []
Daggafork :: a8197bbd8fdf537b49d1502a28cbc98101b5f5bd []
DW40 :: Cosmic Fragmentation []
fingersonthefrets :: Impepho []
Hyteriux :: A Mile Under []
jasdanu :: Hounds of Baskerville []
Kaylab :: Two Doors, One Gauss []
Lightning55 :: The Path We Take []
origami_alligator :: Meth Valley []
PALEMOON :: We Burned Chrome []
script :: Fat Ghost Facility []
ska :: playing the cards you’re dealt []
Spackal :: Afternoon Lines []
Tempus_Fugit :: cyberg melts []
Yahoozy :: Strontium-90 Half-and-half []

Below are the total points for each person. A huge round of applause for our Top 3! They will each be receiving a featured map from one of their submissions for the competition, written by none other than our fabulous judges, Aidiera, PALEMOON and Yahoozy!

fingersonthefrets [] :: 790
Spackal [] :: 790
yahoozy [] :: 757
origami_alligator [] :: 751
Hyteriux [] :: 726
DW40 [] :: 717
PALEMOON [] :: 700
Tempus_Fugit [] :: 650
blacklef [] :: 642
ChrisE [] :: 618
jasdanu [] :: 573
Lightning55 [] :: 573
Amibe [] :: 533
Kaylab [] :: 491
script [] :: 436
ska [] :: 409
Daggafork [] :: 236

Some extra thanks are in order for script and lord_day, who helped with judging; Aidiera, for making it easier to keep track of the judge comments and scores; Tempus_Fugit, for creating a program to randomize who retiled which maps each week; and Daggafork, for placing the original announcement on NUMA. If I am forgetting anyone, know that your work, time and effort are greatly appreciated!

Until the next competition…

<3 origami_alligator

3-tile: ReTile contest

Hello, NUMA!

It is officially Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing new growth. With that growth, we've seen more activity on NUMA as of late than we have for a long time. It's great to see this community come back to life, no matter how fleeting that may be.

With a new season comes a new competition! While this is not an official NUMAcon, it is open to all members of the community. The theme of this competition is: retile! For those of you who are unfamiliar, retiling is a form of creating a map where users swap object sets from existing maps and create new maps by only placing tiles around the given objects. The details of the competition can be found here [] on the forums.

If you would like to join the competition, I strongly recommend downloading Discord [] and finding us on the N++ server. []
From there, contact southpaw, better known as origami_alligator here on NUMA, and he can answer all your questions about the contest. If you would rather not download Discord, you may instead sign up on the forums and join via the forum thread or by sending a PM to origami_alligator on the forums.

Sign-ups are open through April 20th, so if you would like to join, do it soon!

Here’s to new growth in the community!

- origami_alligator []

New Year, New Developments

Hey there. For those of you still active on the site, or lurking, we have some things to update you all on.

  • Here [] is a link to the N community discord server, for 1.4, 2.0, and ++.
  • Future reviews are fixed. Thank you to Tempus_Fugit!
  • Rated maps count are slightly buggy, but will be fixed in due time.
  • Map rating graph is buggy as well, and will be fixed in due time as well.
  • Report bugs and suggestions on this page [].
  • Cleared house of inactive admins, moderators, and reviewers.

If you would like to be either re-instated or instated as a reviewer, or moderator, just message either DaggaFork [] or Sunset and they will take you into consideration. As a side note to all reviewers though, reviews are currently spaced three days (72 hours) apart. When a map is newly featured, it is added to the end of the review queue; when a review has been active for three days, the top map in the queue is automatically featured. If there's nothing in the queue and it's been over three days since the last feature, your feature is immediate. Queued features can be rearranged (Thank you again, to Tempus, for explaining this).

Thank you.
- Sunset [], DaggaFork [], and Tempus_Fugit []

NUMACon: Bubbles

The theme of this contest will be bubbles!

Additional information and rules:
Every map will need to be posted with edited mapdata in order to make the runs not shown. This way less experienced players will have a chance to create inventive routes without getting shut down with more technically skilled players. With this, all runs must be posted on NReality, and no demos can be posted to the comments until the contest is over. If anyone posts demos to this site during the contest they will be disqualified. I'm not very worried about this, though, since we have such a small community.

How to edit your mapdata:
Note: if there are maps submitted without the edited mapdata they will not be entered into the competition.

Add |||protectedcontest to the end of your mapdata. An example can be seen here [].

Tag all maps with bubbles18 []

To reiterate:
Mappers, tag your maps with bubbles18 and add the |||protectedcontest string to the map data before you submit.
Players, do not post demos to this site. Submit your private runs through NReality!

Okay, I hope this is not too confusing!

Talk about this contest on the forums! []

Happy mapping, happy playing,

New Contest Announcement

Hello everybody,

It has been a while since there was an update about NUMACon. This is mostly because the site was low in users for many months and the judges for contests often didn't follow through with their commitments. But, that is in the past, and I want to make a new contest. The format will be different this time.

In 1 week I will announce the contest theme.
The mapping deadline will be 1 week after that.

There are many users who like to play maps as well, so they will be part of the contest too.

1 week after the mapping deadline is the playing deadline. The winner(s) will be chosen based on two categories: highscore and speedrun.

The only judge will be myself this time around, if the contest goes well we can do another with different judge(s).

Dates summary:
Theme announcement: July 1 2018
Mapping deadline: July 8 2018
Playing deadline: July 15 2018
Results: July 18 2018

NUMACon: Phantasm and WE NEED JUDGES

NUMACon: Phantasm
This October's Halloween-themed contest is called Phantasm! Tag your maps with Phantasm []. Up to three Halloween-themed maps may be submitted per person, up until November 15th.

Spooky mapping!

This contest cannot work without any judges! We need judges for Phantasm, as well as for Equality. Contact me, DaggaFork, to become a judge. It usually doesn't take very long to judge. Please help NUMA out and volunteer to be a judge!

Thanks, and happy scary mapping,

Hunger Results and NUMACon: Equality

Hunger Results
Congratulations to our winner Aidiera with the map Death Do Us Part []!
The runner ups were:
🌭 [] by script
the small apple [] by Addicted_Ancestor
Back to your roots [] by Spackal
24 Carrot [] by DaggaFork

Thanks to everyone who participated; it was a pleasure to play all of the maps!
Thanks to the judges Arona_Daal, Kaylab, and Sunset!

NUMACon Equality
This NUMACon limits the balance of objects the mapper is allowed to use. You must pick a number N (which must be greater than 0) and then create a map with...

  • N gauss turrets
  • N homing launchers
  • N mines
  • N floor guards
  • N thwumps
  • N gold
  • N bounce blocks
  • N launch pads
  • N oneway platforms
  • N exits and exit keys
  • N drones of any type (zap, homing zap, laser, chaingun)
  • N doors of any type (normal, locked, trap)
  • any number of ninjas

You may use any tiles. Each author can submit up to 5 maps, until July 16, 2017. Contact us if you want to be a judge (even if you made a map)!

DaggaFork and Sunset

NUMACon: Hunger

With spring in full swing (except for our Australian users) and five months of NUMACon-less shame under our belt, we've decided it's time for another contest! This time you've got to create a map with food inspiration! Tag your maps with hunger [] to enter!

Maps must actually visualize some type of food or drink, and not just be a map named after a food. A smooth map isn't food related just because it plays as smooth as butter.

Each person can enter 5 maps. Deadline is May 21st. PM/map message us to judge.

Have fun!
Dagga + Sunset

NUMACon: Disguise Results and Spooked Poll!

Disguise Results:

Results for Disguise are available here []. Congratulations to Aidiera for winning with his map Holocrux []! Thanks for mapping, everyone!

Spooked Poll:

Vote on your favourite spooked maps! The poll is available here []! You can choose your top three, and all the maps are available in the post as well as here [].

All the best,

NUMACon: Spooked! and Disguise Voting

1. NewmaCon

This Halloween NUMACon is a spooky one! Scary maps can be posted between October 14 and November 11, and must be tagged with spooked []. Happy Halloween, and spooky mapping!

2. Voting, judging, or voting again

If you'd like to vote for Disguise winners, visit the forum page here. [] The winners will be announced at the end of this month. Thanks to everyone who participated, feel free to vote for your own maps.

If you'd like to judge for Spooked! send me a message on the forums or one of my maps. Otherwise, we will have another vote!

Thanks, everyone