Strontium-90 Half-and-half

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Author Yahoozy
Tags 3-tile action author:yahoozy featured playable rated retile
Created 2019-05-02
Last Modified 2019-05-07
by 10 people.
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Description 3-tile [] Round 2

Cuckoo! by ChrisE: []

This map was featured on 2019-07-07

Strontium-90 half-and-half
Mix it with coffee, make you laugh
Make your neck long like a giraffe
Sitting so nicely, photograph

Hyacinth flowers lost their hue
Baby, you lost your blue eyes, too
Brewing espresso meant for two
How can you say this is adieu?

- Excerpt from a poem found on a sheet of paper taped to the back of a bench by a playground of an abandoned school, 15 years from now — origami_alligator

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This is something good.


my idea fails as well because of the floor guard
gonna leave this one for a bit


im actually annoyed about this...
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tested in fbf

and goddamit....
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for non fbf
maybe enough height with enough speed
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Demo Data


Demo Data
I tried the htcj real time. Got the key, but hit a mine on the way back.

I also remember shutting my laptop screen hard.

Nice poem!



after seeing raifs mbd
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This is featured because you made third place in the ReTile contest, but also this map is fukn gooooooood <3

gets me going

you know the score

speedier AGD

with some rocket acrobatics at the end
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Great retile! All worked very well - liked how often the rocket seemed to sneak through the gap to gauss/fg section.
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Quite liked the rocket as an enemy, never would've guessed the map was a retile.

Also, a quick MBD speedrun I whipped up after seeing the htcj opportunity.
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Same as L_D

Great retile

I went for the usual SR strats and got a htcj 2nd try. Killed myself. Wasn't ready for it xD
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