Be still, my racing heart

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Author hamsandwich
Tags action author:hamsandwich rated
Created 2020-09-03
Last Modified 2020-09-03
by 6 people.
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Description i hope this is fun


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Yeah, there's no way this was your first dalliance into mapmaking.


got the looks, the intense thwump action, and a perfect length. Welcome!
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Damn good

First map. Welcome to good old 1.4
Good map, good placement!

thank you

for the kind words pakment and ska! To clarify, this is the first map i've made in 1.4, but i have been playing nv2/stalking numa since 2015



Please keep making maps; you clearly have a knack for it. The interplay between thwumps and rockets is particularly fun.


Indeed, this is excellent for a first map, to the point that I can't believe it is your first map. The tileset is reminiscent of Lucidium's famous halftone map [].

I've even made an all-gold demo for you; it's not particularly fast, but there are some cool rocket dodges.
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Good First map.