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Featured map for 2019-04-29: Inzaders by krusch

Thumbnail of the map 'Inzaders'

Inzaders is a quintessential krusch. I learned a lot from this map when I first encountered it over a decade ago, and to this day I still enjoy coming back to it. More generally, the Camisade Collection [] has some great maps by some of my favourite authors and is definitely worth checking out for those in search of more maps to play. — lord_day

Featured map for 2019-04-21: The Hive (edit) by Sweep

Thumbnail of the map 'The Hive (edit)'

Bees communicate through dancing. There are two types of dances: the round dance, and the waggle dance. The round dance notifies other bees of food sources closer to the hive and the waggle dance helps locate food sources much further away. Drones have a similar communication system. However, the round dance being performed here signals an intruder. The drones won't actively chase you, but the dance (and their symbiotic relationship with the gauss turret) is extremely effective at keeping threats from their sweet, sweet nectar reserves. Stay aware of your surroundings and you just might make it out alive, honey. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-04-18: Timesplitter by prodigal_cowboy

Thumbnail of the map 'Timesplitter'

May 2005. Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" is the highest-charting Billboard single, Tom Cruise infamously ascends a couch on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show, George W. is four months into his second term, propelled by fervent Americanism-cum-interventionism, and the N User Maps Archive is nary a year old. Nearly a year before Sweep's preeminent Rocket Rocket Revolution [], user prodigal_cowboy composes his swansong, a quaint and underappreciated study on repurposing a medium to fit one’s vision, upending the conventions of the level creator to reconstruct the game as something new; a legendary gaucho’s headstone, lost to the erosion of memory. — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-04-15: Bonfire by littleviking001

Thumbnail of the map 'Bonfire'

So y’all know the Devil. I ain’t impressed. Devil’s been ‘round for years’n years, tearin’ up the deepest center of the Earth with unclean heat and spreadin’ his evil ways about its topsoil. Scarier men’n you’ve known the Devil and they were way more intimate, just ask ma Daddy. Man lost six fingers to the Devil. Lost my dear mother, God rest her soul. Lost his guts to the Devil’n now he’s sweatin’ bullets on the Devil’s spit. To tell y’all the truth, I miss when the Devil’d roam the Earth red and grinnin’. Could always see ‘im that way. — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-04-10: I don't even know if this is my map by flagmyidol

Thumbnail of the map 'I don't even know if this is my map'

I like this map because all I wanted to do was feature a new map submission but this map is apparently from an ancient hard drive that flagmyidol rediscovered and who knows if this is his map or not? And in reality, who cares if this is his map or not? (maybe the actual original author???) Whether or not this is a map by flag, it's a fun map that flag found and unearthed for us. The dudes a legend, so play this and all his other maps and also read every comment he's ever posted. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-04-05: 4-3: towers what do i do by Onesevennine

Thumbnail of the map '4-3: towers what do i do'

Welcome to towers, what it do? "what do i do" you say? To do towers well, you should not do the thing where you jump into rockets. And don't do the thing where you touch the mines. Don't trust doors, they sometimes don't do the thing you want them to do. When you do do towers, be sure to do the thing where you leave a demo to help others do what it is you did. That way we can all do the doing and no one will ask "what do i do" because we will all be doing it. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-03-31: Bada Lies by jonboiFC

Thumbnail of the map 'Bada Lies'

Bada Lies when he tells me I'm not ready,
when I'm already sweating before the morning dew appears,
Bada Lies when she tells me I'm too old,
But gravity's hold hasn't yet pinned me down by my feet,
Bada Lies when they tell me it's ugly,
But this house I built reminds me of beauty within,
Bada Lies when it tells me I'm dying,
My life drains quickly but I'll escape death and win. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-03-28: The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas by Myrrhman

Thumbnail of the map 'The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas'

I have a recurring dream about lights. I wake up in a space indistinguishable from reality, and a compulsory need to get those lights on. When the lamp and closet lights remain unlit, I wake myself up into the same dream, the same bed, with the same black bulbs in a persistent fiction that lasts for several, sometimes twenty cycles. Again, and again. This is typically exasperating, though there are tinges of anxiety. I’m not afraid of the dark. I did sleep with the TV on as a kid. Sometimes cartoon static could tell me which world I was in. — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-03-24: old Pavillion by iFondue

Thumbnail of the map 'old Pavillion'

Why should one hate secrets? If you walk near a collection of pottery, knowing that a snake lives there, you might never make it past, turning back as soon as you recognize the etchings of his home. If you are ignorant of the snake, you would walk past unaware of any danger. You hear a hissing. Now you can turn around and hiss back, undeterred, knowing you’re already out the door. And if the snake were to bite, it’s because of ignorance, not cowardice, that you are dead—and dead idiots have always endeared me more than breathing cowards. — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-03-21: daffodil complex by Barabajagal

Thumbnail of the map 'daffodil complex'

(Author’s note: This is my favorite of Barabajagal’s levels.)

You’ll notice slowly the attentiveness of this minefield. This area is sectioned off, this jump has been clearly defined, my first decision is actually very important. It unfolds like many petals, flowers reaching desperately out of concrete slabs. Suddenly the level’s name has been given a descriptive quality, and, though it doesn’t display this image in such literal terms, platforms like small scenes in the background, tiny movements of floor guards in the boundaries cement the map as a natural occurrence. A little, real world—a platonic ideal of level design. — Yahoozy

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