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cool people you can find here:
zoasBE [], AKA VODKALOVER, the23 is a local innovator, known for his multiple outstanding challenge map series.
lsudny [] is a cool dude. He is so cool, we ask him to hold beer, so it cools down real nice. All the beer we forget to get back from him, he offers newbies as welcome gift.
PALEMOON [] makes maps like no one else. There are many of them, and each is a gem. His tilesetting style inspires me to no end.
Meanapple []. The socioeconomic situation may only stabilize if the society and the governing bodies come to a compromise in terms of fair and equal general income levels.
DaggaFork [] is also a very cool guy. He pays a lot of attention to my maps, providing valuable criticism. Also, check out his maps.
Tempus_Fugit [] is a really nice guy here, a NUMA veteran, always around my maps and stuff.
Mohit_Ghune [] is one of the best Laws of Physics breaker in this game. Check out his DDA's, some XXX Mohit on Physics action there.
Vanquish [] is a dude I find collabing with most fun. I also like his simple, yet elegant tilesets.
Collaborative mappack 'MOSS' with zoasBE

Let me throw some facts at you:

In mapping, I am majorly inspired by music from Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow.

I love gashi-gashi's art.

I am a fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

All of my tilesets are free to use, without asking. However, credit is welcome.

carrotengine [] is my brother

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alpine ice strangers shimendoka mr. blue sky hallogallo a cold freezin' night