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Who knows, maybe I'll make another appearance. I'll leave the rest here for nostalgia:

Yo. I'm Bunny. I like making races, and making images. I started mapping on Numa since October '06


24 December 09 - Back again! Going to do Political Aggression 3 now.

12 June 09 - Decided to work on the serieses again. Plus, Political Aggression 3 is coming up when I can be bothered making it.

Newest map!
OHEMGEEEEE - Link here. []

Just decided to make a map quickly for the hell of it. Decided not to spend more than a hour on it, hence it being only 1000 frames long.

Just a tip: If you're dying a lot on a lazer off the bottom of the 3 diagonal launchpads on the left side of the map, or a bit after it, try:

A: Jumping where the vertical line of gold is (and holding jump)
B: Not jumping immediately before you hit the launchpad.

I've included a demo. I know it's cheatable, and I don't give a crap.

btw, why do all the races look either like they were made by Destiny or by someone with no imagination with the flow? Bring back in_dub =P

===Stuff I'm proud of===

This is cool []
And so is this []

I have listed my more popular range of series below:
Monkey Series []
Fruitsy []
Emoticons []

I have a couple of bitesized maps, from when you could get them bitesized. You can find them here: Here []

And, back when we still had the Sunday N, I managed to get one of my races into it! I was quite proud of that, KingAlex is hard to please with races =D. You can find that map Here []

This map [] was going to be the race of the month in the N magazine on the forums, if it hadn't died =[

My favourite authors are:
Destiny []
In_Dub []
Calamity []

If you get on this list, you're better than good. You're damn amazing. Also, you make a lot of races =D

I have two collab accounts:
Destined_Bunny [] Which I haven't used much =D. And probably never will =D
Dubbed_Bunny [] My old account which I used to collab with In_dub on.

Edit: Crap, I cant find the maps for dubbed bunny under the author name, just by other clever searching. I'll do something about htis asap

Have a browse through my maps, and I hope you enjoy them!

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