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Oh hey, I remember this place from all those years ago. I might be getting back into this - stay tuned.

My maps vary greatly in quality, but I only submit a map if I enjoy playing it.

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krashio [] made a tileset for me. I made this. []

I made a tileset for Erik-Player. [] He made this. []

My top ten favourite authors on N (alphabetical):
AlliedEnvy []
AMomentLikeThis []
ChrisE []
chume14 []
Dead_N []
formica []
karmap0lice []
natures_peril []
-=Rooster=- []
sayko []

Some more good mapmakers (also alphabetical):
ChaoStar []
gloomp []
KlanKaos []
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What Time Is It? Rise and Shine, Puppy Dog Eyes Here, There, and Everywhere Greedy To Exist or Not to Exist Hiccups