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I'm retired if you didn't guess already.

Total Number of maps: 882
(+/- 5 due to overlap)
520 numa maps + 362 other maps

1 map in the N+ for PSP

N Related:

The World is Floating and on Fire [] 16 maps

Gray Area [] 50 maps A complete column created and compiled in under 24 hours.

My two large level packs:
The Evil Album [] 150 maps
The Evil Album 2 [] 94 maps

On Numa:
Möbius [] 57 maps
An experiment in tileset progressions.

Storytime [] 7 maps
An sarcastic seven part story told through quirky maps and textual drivel. Goes from Fire breathing toast monsters to larger than life Rubik's cubes. An adventure for the whole family (minus the faint of heart).

Episodes [] 15 maps

Collaborative Level Packs and Projects:

never knows best (side b) [] 2 maps (24 total)
Features: rocket_thumped, lord_day, sept, southpaw, Evil_Bob, astheoceansblue, maximo, and toasters

Project 42 [] 10 maps (57 total)
Features: 9400, KinGAleX, Evil_Bob, krusch, spect, Sept, Bigblargh, Aju.

Forgive and Forget: A Tragedy of Normalcy and the Rise to Excellency [] 5 maps (80 total)
Maps based off of songs by various artists. Mine were based off the clash. Very unique pack. Features: clovic, KinGAleX, krusch, Kablizzy, Evil_Bob, lord_day, Loudog, rocket_thumped, Condog.

Vehemence [] 25 maps (1100 total)
A colossal collaboration. Features: Kablizzy, krusch, McP3000, Baraba, Aju, nevermore, Caero, Sketch, Mr_Mongoose, rocket_thumped, Chasethebase, Smtid, Evil Bob, lord_day.

Corncobs []
1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 []

Most of them Here []
Blackson:1 [] 2 []
MaximumRide:1 []
Destiny:1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 []
Origami_Alligator: 1 []
Lord Day:1 []

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We'll See You Right on the Other Side (And other Cubas) Something Wicked This Way Hums Retinal Fatigue Gargoyle Backwash Into the Sand Rough Lovers