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well this is my

I started playing N around the middle of 2008(I'm not very good at playing) I've completed the first 54 episodes, episode 60-66, 70-73,80,90-91...and for the Nreality episodes...120-129(as in, the whole column)and 130-137

I started making maps around early 2009 and well...I'm not very good at it...some people think my maps are good but others don't even bother to check most of my

my favorite authors are:
-infernoXV8 []
-EdoI []
-Booster []
-im_bad_at_N []
-ultimatereading []
-diminishedD6 []

my best maps so far(in my point of view):
-quadtrouble []
-death hike []
-cueva del loco []
-chamber zone-city top []
-grand finale []
-chamber zone infested []
-underworld 3 []
-underworld 2 []
-underworld []
-the crime of touching the floor []
the last one needs Nreality

my mappacks so far:
-chambers []

My goals are:
1-to become a good mapmaker
2-to get atleast 20 rates and comments all in atleast one map


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DeadLand 01: The Beginning of the Quest Chamber Zone: Irregular DeadLand 02: Cavern DeadLand 03: And, We're In! DeadLand 04: Hangar 1 One Way