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I don't dodge missiles.
I eat them.

I don't avoid gauss'.
I bend them with my bare hands.

I don't jump over mines.
I stalk them and throw them at Itaer.

If you shoot me.
I shoot you harder.
It won't hurt a bit.
Because you'll be dead.

If you fight me.
It will not be a 2hit fight.
It will be a one hit fight.
As you will be too dead to hit the ground.

But if you insult my maps.
I will bend you and break you and smash you and make your life utterly miserable until you beg for me to finish off your pathetic little existence.

Good. Can't wait to collab with you.

Favorite maps:
'Speak' by nevermore
'Crazy Miner' by formica
'ImpulsioN' by astheoceanblue

My dream is that some day all the unrated never been viewed maps I have made will be...viewed and rated. Comments would be a bonus. A featured map would be stretching it, but dream big I guess.
I want to reinvent mapmaking. That would be cool...and different.

Working on a series right now "The Lengths One Would Go" (or TLOWG in the tags). The end of each series is the same as the beginning for the next series (now under construction, is 'Where The Path Forks'). In this next series, I am emphasizing multipathing, delinearization, etc...but like my last it will have mainly gausses, gold, and mines, with a laser added into each level.

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TK-Squared N_V1.5 Space Shuttle Blues Spirit Tree One Small Step for a Mapper, Good Bye