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Author quota
Tags action author:quota fun hard playable unrated
Created 2008-10-09
Last Modified 2008-10-13
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description My Heart Is Dreaming, But Paris Is Screaming.

My Heart Is Yearning, But Paris Is Burning

Took out a mine to allow true appreciation of the gameplay.
comment if u want original.

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It is not everyday we see new map makers create maps like this. I cannot begin to explain what heighten my senses to feature this map... Was it the gold placement that rigorously interrupts the Distinct flow ? or the Drones that rose the difficultly A level higher ? I think this is a great map, and you'll be sure to have a place for it in your usermaps. Now i will leave you with words of no other than William Wordsworth... 'The child is father of the man' implying, respect the new... They might just be your undoing..

But maybe not...


now for the unicorn-ical AGD
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Ladyhawke? <3

Paris S'enflamme.

nice nice nice.
especially for my first try. :D Great map, especially since it was within your first 5 maps.
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not bad

ive beaten it
and coming close to an AGD

this is impossable

but nice quotes though