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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe construct-mappack featured fun medium playable rated
Created 2009-08-13
Last Modified 2009-08-13
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Definitely one of my favorites. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2015-02-27

One of the only earthly things more beautiful than an angel is this map, and I'm completely serious. Riobe is a spectacular mapmaker, using both the tiles and objects to create a magnificent canvas on which you can frolic and explore.

What makes this map a cut above the rest is the dual path aspect of it. You can either go left and take your chances with the rocket, or go right and risk them with the chaingun and the gauss. Either way you'll have a tough (but fun) time trying your best to beat the level. — Aidiera

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Awesome map.

I love this kind of pseudo-symmetry. 5aved.

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hey riobe

what about joining this [] project? :D


I'm slower than a slug.
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I was just listening to the song Angles by Within Temptation this morning. :O


Fave'd for later, can't play now.


Noel Hathway. Hehe. I cheated one of your older maps.
And all of the cities in your state are named after our country. Machester, Boston, Cambridge D:<

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Me likey

That jump at the start. It's perfect. Or at least the one in my demo anyway. It's what I imagine you assumed the player would do, or something. anyway, what Toby said (atob).
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slow speedrun

really fun
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very cool, man

thanks for your comment on my map :D

4000 Woo!


is well cool

I was just listening to the song Angles by Within Temptation this morning. :O

not my favorite

i like the gold though

Under 500

addicting 5/5 ^^
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this was fun.
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Here's one more.

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And another.

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Play it like this. Maybe you'll enjoy it more.
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Demo Data
However you spell that.


5aved. There was one gold piece that kept ruining my runs, but I figured out how to get it. <3
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I liked this too

Not awkward like some of your mappack entries
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I forgot

about the gold at the end.

Very fluid map, not awkward in the slightest. Every transition is absolutely perfect. The various jumps to the terminal are all really fun.

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not at all!

not when jumping on the slants. i think i requested this one, too?


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