frontier; remains

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Author furry_ant
Tags action author:furry_ant chaingun muse numacon ruins unrated
Created 2010-06-01
Last Modified 2010-06-02
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Description my entry for muse (numacon).

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What's your name? I want to find you on facebook.
I'm not sure how well this fits the review though.

slow run, nice chainguns!
Demo Data

Also, fairly quick AGD on nreality.

Edited; made the top a bit easier and moved the gold at the bottom to somewhere more convenient (so you can get to it with the exit door open or closed).

Also, made some more slight edits at the bottom left.

Rough around the edges. Split-off top bit feels unfinished, doesn't look good, spoils the atmosphere, but plays well. Jagged, tight jumps under fire got annoying fast, but the start and overall look were lovely.
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agd try.

Demo Data

yeah, it gets pretty hard in the open.


just realized that it wasnt 5/5able

well cool

but not something i would likely spend my time on. looks really great, but its too hard. sorry. i'm sure its better for the more pro. 5/5

the only similarity; is the semicolon.
or something quite similar to this one. []