east habstack IV

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Tags author:palemoon goddamn retile retile2 unrated
Created 2010-06-26
Last Modified 2010-06-26
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Description this is for Retile2
i was really out of my element with these objects and i had a lot of difficulty creating a tileset for them (especially that absurd exit and locked door placement) but after some tooling around i think i have something acceptable. Maybe enough to just get me past this round >_>

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Oh those. Sorry about the random gold. :/
but I made a bb cornerjump. :)
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well, 179

I certainly never had that intention. It was actually a collab between flagmyidol, Wizard2 and myself. I had never done a retile before, so when I picked the maps to be retiled, I probably didn't get it right. So sorry, but good job with what you made.
that I think somebody just made a map to so they could submit it to retile and screw someone else over. Like somebody partied hard on the keyboard and submitted it, IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

but you did well considering.

aw damn.

i'm very patriotic

i'm going for mexico :P

Talk about


That sucks to get these objects :\


but not as hot as the last two.


not as good as your last entry. that was amazing.
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