The Greasy Pole (Observational Incompetence)

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day column conclusive greasy incompetence pole rated
Created 2012-09-24
Last Modified 2012-09-24
by 26 people.
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Description 24-0 from my newly released map pack, The Conclusive Column. [] Check it out if you feel like it.

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kinda cool in terms of the concept and structure. and it worked well. I think it's a cool idea to maybe incorporate somewhere but the size of this makes it get kind of boring, still it's really well made, like for this kinda size so focused on the concept it's about as interesting as it could of been haha. I like it.
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ok i need some help

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p~(x_n,y_n) = sum n=1 to infinity 2^-n d(x_n,y_n)/(1+d(x_n,y_n))
where d denotes the euclidean metric. let Y c X be the subset of sequences (x_n) with x_n=0 for n>>0, and define a metric p' on Y by p'((x_n),(y_n)) = sum n=1 to infinity d(x_n,y_n). show that the subspace topology on Y induced from the p~-metric topology on X is different from the p'-metric topology on Y.

slow agd
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Best thing about this is it's one of the least enjoyable maps in the pack and it's still a solid five.

This is all

magnificent n shit


This is cool! I love this mainly for the concept. The execution is well and it offers some cool jumper parts that I enjoyed. Even though I failed a bunch of times, it wasn't frustrating and, to me, this has a lot of reply value once you get the trick. Faved!
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...second try AGD...

...I agree with what sunset and harvey said , its hella fun and a good concept, but i dont think that its too hard at all...

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But i still like it! Really good concept and well pulled off :)

Too hard.

I wish it had a gradual difficulty curve. It's such a cool concept and could be used better.

Love this.

not sure if you knew about this.
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