Partially Exposed Diamond Vein

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Author script
Tags action author:script partially-exposed-diamond-vein rated
Created 2017-08-18
Last Modified 2017-08-18
by 6 people.
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Description Proud of this one.

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Thanks. :3

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come at me bro
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It's nice to see that Eddy and macro are still active.


Very nice.
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Really cool

Top section rules


damn you eddy
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of course some drone cycles can still be beaten at the end
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The top is perfect. Just, perfect. The bottom part compared to it is filler, though. I rarely play the same map obsessively to get a good demo, but the rocket gold was just that good. Could definitely shave a few frames off, but my fingers hurt enough from doing this ridiculous superman jump at the start.
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this is so nice

the tiles are stunning and it's super fun to collect all that gold on the top. bravo, 5/5 for sure