Too Fast

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Author Green_Ghost
Tags action author:green_ghost bitesized playable rated
Created 2007-06-01
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description I think the beginning might be too difficult on this one

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slow AGD

cool map. 4/5
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its too good
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im too wussy

for the gold.. 4/5 i don't like the beginning.
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agd (slow)
nice map great fun 4.5
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It was an awsome map. A little bit hard for me
good map all around.

very nice

agree with seven_two, nice drone use, loving the way it looks like your gonna avoid them bu they then come and kill you! Paths have been worked out brilliantly, i thinks its just missing something somewhere, not to sure where and what! love mine placement around exit switch as well

What creative drone usage.