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There are 4 of us who use this profile. The "name" of the individual should be included in the tags. The tags are as follows:
BOBLEADER/BOB1: Isaac J. (Isaac J.)
BOB2: Austin B. (FriarFritz)
BOB3: Alex R. (Cheese)
nr-BOB: Isaac L. (Hijack)
This should help to clear things up in the comments. Please do not harp on somebody who had no part in the making of a level or shun our levels because one of them is not up to par.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
-UkaBOB []

Click on each link to see that person's levels.
BOB2 []
BOB3 []
nr-BOB []

Aaa! Four names. Confusing. Well, don't blame me. I didn't write this (one of the other three did). I'm just here to explain it. Here's my explanation:
BOB-Rank: Real name. (UkaNUMA name)
Sorry about the UkaNUMA thing, I may have, ah, well, may have launched an Ukarumpa version of NUMA on the local intranet. Please yell at me if that's not, well, technically legal. (I mean, using the acronym NUMA and all that.) Anyway, back to the name thing, the one that will appear in the tags is the BOB-Rank. Hope that clears things up.

Hi! This is me, BOB2.

Hola. Me llamo BOB3.

Other things you should know:
Drugz is bad kidz!
Ska (the music genre) is cool (I assume that Ska [] himself is as well).
There is absolutely nothing that a man cannot do... tomorrow.
Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
Create opportunities, rather than waiting for them to create themselves which often takes a long time.
These last two statements may or may not be contradictory, from a certain point of view.
If a man wishes to proceed with ease, he must first make a road.

If you wish to talk to us about whatever, aside from about specific maps, feel free to use the map RedBull []

Here's some more random stuff for our profile:


Also, some cool people:
mezzoforte [] because he is well cultured and musical.
Mohit_Ghune [] played a lot of our maps.
DaggaFork [] gave us early DDA advice.
Kaylab [] was the first person to 5ave one of our maps!
Rozer [] proved that King of the Dance [] is possible.
PawerOfficial [] is generally a nice person and has supported our mapping.

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