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Author littleviking001
Tags action author:littleviking001 bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-08-18
by 35 people.
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Description Happy 1000th Numa!

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Even delisted maps are numbered. Happy 1000th, NUMA.

I agree

best AGD ever hehe, and gz on the 1000th map :D

Best AGD ever!!!

5 because I could do this.
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i rate numa

a 5/5 :P

Just because a map

has been repeated or deleted doesn't mean it's not a map. Map #13 is very near and dear to my heart despite the fact that I've never seen it. Happy 1000 numa.

Map 1000!

let's celebrate with an all gold demo shall we.

This is actually a fun map LV.

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People will still keep coming here, I suppose.


i came to see if anyone made a big deal about it.

Oh dear

I can't believe I never posted a completion demo!
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I can't believe...

I never played the 1000th map until now!
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Yes it is

It is the thousandth map to be submitted.
Due to duplicates and deletions, this is probably map ~750.

Harsh but true

I disagree

You don't need to include all the history of Numa in here, if you did then the map woulden't even work; the ninja would start out trapped in the area with the exit switch because you didn't restart, and one (or more) of the objects would have a NaN for their y-coordinate and would be stuck outside the level. And, this level has no parts that are impossible, which DEFINATLY goes against most of what you see in Numa.


I hate the hidden thwumps as much as you (or more), but to capture the history of Numa, I needed to include one. Here. It's in the middle of the top of the third 0. Now it's not hidden anymore. Well... It is... but it's not a secret.


I would happily say that this is an excelent map, save one thing: HIDDEN THWUMP!!!! Hidden thumps are evil.