A Painful Descent

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Author heatwave21
Tags action author:heatwave21 bitesized fun hard playable puzzle-ish rated
Created 2007-08-25
by 15 people.
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Description NO JUMP MAP

This is really fun, but really tricky and frustrating as well. give it a try. it gets progressively harder as you go down. Demo included.

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I tied kkstrong for speed! Cool.

As for the map, fantastic concept but the map itself is rather annoying. 3.5.
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the fastest so far..i think its improvable by one or 2 frames, but i dont know how...
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best i could do

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No jump cheat

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Who Bitesized this?? Thanks!


That is why he labeled it a no jump map. Obviously jumping will allow you to cheat.


I didn't beat it, but you get the point.
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Cool map!

Very innovative.

all gold

fun map. 4
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but a demo none the less.
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