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Author sanity
Tags author:sanity playable race rated
Created 2005-07-08
by 13 people.
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Description no speed limit!
use momentum to the full extent and watch out for rockets here and there.

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one of the best races !
I put it in my Favourites
great job

Yes, BUT-

the only real challanges are right at the end, which- as fun as the rest is- is quite annoying. And, if you go too fast, you don't activate all of the 'bridge' switches, which is annoying as hell. Course, it's mainly due to my habit of using both shift switches.

However, it is quite fun.
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I'm fast

this is a *brilliantly* designed level. Truely inspired. 4/5
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A 4

a 4/5


you only need to tap jump.
then you wont hit the mines


i didn't like the part i died at...
a very fun level, nonetheless.
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