Weird Glitch

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Author dranar
Tags author:dranar glitch i new playable think unrated
Created 2007-10-10
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Map Data

Description I don't know if it's already discovered though.

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thanks. also, floor guards see through it. oh and so does everything else except thwumps and blue drones.


* not 8


when you place a chaingun or laser drone it shoots through.

change to *

not to 8?

how to

1.Put the block where you want it to be invisible
2.Look at the N level data and change the 1,2,3 etc to *
3.Copy the data
4.Press J
5.Put the data in and it's done.
ah. but how do you make the 8 blocks invisible, and N able to walk through them?


i got it from one of Gforce20's maps.

The * blocks serve as a barrier for the drones. The oneways and the trapdoors don't play a part.

it really is

although i can walk through them, if i go into edit mode and delete blocks where they would be, and then play it, its as if they aren't there. how did you do that?

how did you make

it do that? thats cool. also interesting how the thumbnail has blocks, that would make it make sense that it does that. its as if those blocks are actually there but invisible.


am I supposed to be seeing?
Demo Data


thats pretty cool. I for one haven't seen it before.