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Author ]{NO3
Tags abstract author:]{no3 n-art nart nonplayable rated
Created 2007-10-26
Last Modified 2007-10-26
by 23 people.
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Description Captain, we're picking up a transmission. I can't quite make it out, there's lot's of static. Oh no! It's that msn Ninja. He's still alive! woah, he still has his beer gut too.

I was playing around with my avatar
image in potato-shop, and a few other things and i ended up with this weird but kinda cool image. so i zoomed in, and made it into nart.
may the force be with you...

EDIT : it's not friggin NAM art, read the comments...

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The only hint someone can go by to see if someone has used NAM to create an N-Art is the fact it creates it left to right. This is a real crude way to tell and if you want to throw this theory off, make sig of some kind and make it right to left, or up to down, or anything contridictory to NAM.

P.S. I like the static feel.


Auto generated maps deserve a 0. The real art is making it, not auto generating it.
But I didn't believe you.

not NAM Art.

scroll down and read.

hey its

and all of u who dont want to read the description read it first static means no color or has a little and its has some wierd spots too


NAM art

Loads left to right, line by line.

No way you'd draw it like :)

Yeah, NAM

Or something like that.
But hey, how the heck do I know?


kkstrong, i need an awesome name for it though.
got any ideas tell me.

yeah do that

I would love to see!


nah, it's way basic and confusing, even i get confused in it some times. it's no where near release state, but i could work on it a bit more soon. Just only problem is i cant load maps yet. :(, but i came across some info yesterday that might help me fix that.

hey KNOW

you should release that program, I would definately like to use it. It owuld make arts much easier on me!

ok again

the objects load from left to right because i was counting how many pixels across i had to go, so it seemed logical to go in that order, that's also why it is closer to the left.


well, potato-shop is photoshop.
my computer hates flash, and it can't have too many objects in N before it decides to lag. So i made my own editor (in flash, weird) which works fine. i made it to have the choice to put the door and then the switch in, or just the switch. and then it puts the door in the top left hand corner. It takes me just as long to do mines or gold as swithes. seeing the picture i was looking at was black and white i used switches. it actually turned out worse than i had hoped.


The objects load from left to right. Does that say anything about this map?

(This map looks cool. I wish it was slightly distorted, though.)
or did you use a NAM, just to show how cool that picture was? cause it seems like a waste of time to do it by hand for somthing this crude...
whats a potatoshop?

i think

it looks like a ghost or illusion or sumthing like that.
but i thought it was interesting.
The other one was easier to see and everything.
And this has no color and some weird spots.