Give It Away

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Author remote
Tags action author:remote playable rated
Created 2007-10-30
by 15 people.
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Description yay! i had an iddea

just somthing simple

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very cool

Great idea, but I agree with mam that the traps should have been visible. 4.5/5


I was just messing around.

4.5/5 btw.
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survivor's demo

Fun, but I would have preffered bounce blocks and the trap door theme was a bit awkward, It would have been better if the traps were visible and dodgeable.
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Demo Data

1st go

cool level.
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good idea

was pissed off when the bounce pad closed :P that was a bit of a surprise - especially seeing as i didnt watch it load :P 4/5 - altho i tend to preffer rocket levels with more bounce blocks to play with.