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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 hard mine-jumper playable rated
Created 2007-11-05
Last Modified 2007-12-01
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description It's short, but it's very hard. Enjoy!

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Good concept. Very enjoyable.


What the balls Miscellaneous



no, i didn't, you did. this is fraud. i know you know my password and you used it to submit that data under my name, claim it false under yours, claim a reward, so you hoped. but i caught on to your scam....


Thanks for noticing that.


you cheated. you took player_03's demo data, erased the 0 at the end, and manually shortened it by a frame.

anyway, i can't get past the last part. 4aved.



i did it!!!
one under!!!
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so god damned close!!!
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My demo

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