Umm... a DDA...

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Author PsychoSnail
Tags author:psychosnail dda nonplayable unrated
Created 2007-11-21
Last Modified 2007-12-25
Map Data

Description My first attempt at a DDA, and it didn't turn out very good...
I'm making a second DDA that is way better than this, and also includes more types of propulsion and less launchpads.
I'm disabling ratings because I know I probably could've done a lot better on this one.
My second DDA should be done by this week.


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But I gotta say, the last 5 seconds are so aren't bad at all.

No offense geej but

What was that about? This didn't really take PsychoSnail that long to make.. is being on NUMA mean having no life? Unless you are referring to his other too-good-to-be-true DDAs, I don't see what you mean.

And to PsychoSnail.. No offense, but have you ever looked back at this map and thought that you should simply disown it?

And why do a lot of people always say "no offense", when they really mean to be very mean?

P.S. You shouldn't disable ratings for fear of it driving down your average...
Or are you referring to me?