Doors of the mind

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Author -{GALEMN}-
Tags action author:-{galemn}- playable puzzle unrated
Created 2007-11-26
Last Modified 2007-11-29
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Here's a little map in an attempt to redeem myself from those other horrible maps I made...
Any suggestions for change will be happily accepted.

Not sure if the tags are right, either... Yeh, I'm a total nub, I know.

Enough talk.

UPDATE: A few minor changes in some areas that seemed almost impossible to clear. The thwump has been moved down a little, too, to make it possible to go BACK, as well.
The platform has been added in the / part.
Thanks to Cossack for helping out with some would-be problems.

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Agree to the going around. It is repetitive and does not contribute to flow. Puzzle attempts are always nice and besides, there's a triforce.
3/5, not as good as your other new maps.


No, It's done. That last door is opened by the switch in the top of the mirrored-L-shaped part. The door in front of this switch is opened by the switch _JUST BELOW_ the one-way platforms in the / \ part. It's a puzzle map. The trick is not to go through the one-way platforms at the top until you need to. ^^


I'll get right on to that now.

noticed a problem

the level is now better but when you get up the / \ bit then the last door cant be opened. its locked by a switch, that is locked behind another one which is up past the oneways above the / \. so basically when you go up you open the door to the switch needed for the last of the doors in that tunnel, but you cant get back to open it...


Is noted. I'll add a little platform in there in the next update for you. =)

fun in some ways

bad in others - i think there is too much going around the same areas and that bit at the top i couldnt do - to jump into the weird / \ shapewith the switch at the top, other than that it was alright. i will give it 3/5

Side note:

As a side note to who remembers me or my other maps:
I know I used to be horrible at mapmaking, But I tried, and, also, that was two years ago... I'm pretty sure I've gotten at least a little better than that.

It's a reasonably easy map, but it's not made to frustrate. I hopes ye all likes it!
And at another note: Naturally, all-gold demos do not include the gold in the triforce-thingy. (Why did I even put that in there? Waste of time...)

Always look on the bright side of life!