missle avoider

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Author manaphy
Tags action author:manaphy chicken cool playable unrated
Created 2007-12-01
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description just to test your missle skills and your element of counter-surprise

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I'm docking points for:
impossible gold
crap asthetics
So, 2\5. Keep trying.
Demo Data
Dont worry about your ratings. They guide you to see how the other users think about your maps. This map is just plain bad. If you want me to rate this high, gimme a demo of a AGD in this map.

I gave this a

Lets say this is a 5/5.
-1 for hidden enemies
-1 for impossible gold
-.5 for not being much fun
Total: 2.5/5


I'm not giving bad ratings, just honest ones.
for that.
Just in general playable N-arts are bad.


if you are reading this jack pack stop giving my maps bad rates it is getting annoying and the cluster of mines in spaceshipinvader2 is the fire comin out the back and the turrets are their lasers