Heartfelt Lies 1

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Author MaximumRide
Tags 1-3 action author:maximumride bitesized easy playable rated turtle-is-hot
Created 2007-12-15
by 12 people.
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Description My real submission to Turtles' Series Competition.

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Good stuff

Nice series of levels. I started with #2, but I think I like this one better.
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Meh, I love it.

Much better than mine. Might have to make a new one myself now...


i thought i had the competition in the bag, but now, with you entering as well, i have serious doubts
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Great stuff.
but according to my own strict rules, Im not allowed to yet.

First try agd

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First try AGD

very slow agd.
I like this map, looks cool and is fun to play.
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slow AGD

fun map. 4.5aved
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much better

tonns of flow
the thumb looks awesome
feels hectic but.. isnt
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