52 pick up.

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Author blackson
Tags author:blackson nexx rated
Created 2008-02-07
Last Modified 2008-02-07
by 11 people.
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Description Map#2 in the definition series.

52 Pickup-The formal card game in which one person drops a deck of cards on the ground while the other picks it up =).

Ded to everyone who submitted map suggestions, but to Nexx for giving me this. It jumped out at me.

Give me a word or phrase that i like, and ill make a map outa it and give ya a ded.

Harder completion this time, but really hard agd.

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Grr.... Frustrating

While fun, just turning was hard... Good nonetheless! 3.5
a chicken in every pot

its too hard

doesn't flow enough, its too hard to get out of the passages with the rocket attacking you
also the doors look bad


How about "Jittery", "Lattitude", or "Vigilance"?


i need words to continue the series!! can't make anything outa top gear no offense ive tried

Echos remotes words

too blocky and not enough opportunity for cool dodges (which are vital to rocket maps imo) 3.5/5 me thinks


Never liked this combination (rockets and big, tilted rectangles). I mean, remote's right - it would be better with more flow - but then it becomes more of a race map than an action map.

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how about

Top Gear
can you make summat outa that? dont matter if you cant lol
and ur right, it is a bitch of a map to get an AGD, so i just went for the exit!
4/5 for complexity and addiction
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