Corroded Masterpeice

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Author xdude_
Tags author:xdude_ playable rated tileset
Created 2008-02-19
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Tileset for anyone's use.

Credit please.

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kinda cliched, so no full five, but it looks nice

Thanks George.

N+ will be fun, imo. I can't wait for that to come out and see what it's like.

Yasmaster, I will add you to my live buddies, and maybe you can kick my ass in Halo 3 or GH3 or something one day. :)


Add my gamertag: Yasmaster

Anyway... the tileset's not bad.
3.5 or 4?

Heya, xdude.

Long time no see.

I don't think a date's been set for 1.5 yet, but N+ is coming out very, very soon. I recall you saying that you had a Xbox 360, so you'll be able to play the Xbox Live Arcade version.

Cool tileset.

Like it.


Not a clue haha.

Thanks Deja..

I forget when 1.5 comes out, do you know the date exactly?

Flying fish...

It was just a design on the left that I sort of 'corroded' away on the right. Just simply a design, I guess.

Haha I'm good man.

Taking a break from this whole mapmaking business though.
Just taking it easy until 1.5 comes out.
Good to see you back.


You made me smile. ^_^


What's it supposed to be? If i had to give it a rating it wouldn't be very high, it looks kinda trashy. No offence.


Not too bad Deja. Things are pretty good.

How are you, and the map making days going?


Is it...
really you?
Hell xdude, how've you been?